LeBron James, an example to follow

by samp on March 30, 2015 - 10:14pm

                LeBron James is a famous American athlete known for his basketball abilities. He is an icon of the American culture and is the 10th most popular active athlete in the world (BusinessInsider.com). He has an estimated net worth of 375 million dollars with the nickname of ‘’King James’’ (The Richest). He was born in Akron, Ohio in a poor neighborhood. His incredible athletic abilities draw the attention of the basketball fan and he became an icon during his high school years. Now, a present Cleveland Cavaliers member, he won 4 MVPs and 2 championship titles during his career and he has now 30 years old. He is currently married and has 2 sons (NBA).

                LeBron James plays a large role in his community as he is seen as a living god in Akron.  He plays a large role in helping kids in difficulty and his community in general through the LeBron James Family Foundation. His foundation was established in 2004 and partners with many causes in Ohio. Due to its contact network and influences, many significant partners now finances his initiative. Important contributors are McDonald, Samsung, Nike, Upper Deck and others. Among his foundation activities, Wheels for Education is a program financing kids with interest in technology and supports them throughout their education to increase their chance of succeeding in their interests. Also, he invested in the Lab Elementary initiative which pays for laptops, uniforms for kids in Akron Public Schools. He is also implicated in the Boys and Girls club by refurbishing sports installation, which creates an environment safe for kids to play and grow. His initiatives have a great impact in this known low-income neighborhood. He changed the forever negative cycle of few life possibilities for children. He gave tools for the first time to student, which allowed them to succeed and perform in their scholar disciplines (LeBron James Family Foundation).

                His action off the court can be link to many local organizations in Montreal helping teenagers and young adults in restructuring their life and in hoping for a better future. His tremendous influence on the local population would have considerable impact in consolidating forces to improve to situation of teenagers. For example, he could gather sponsors and collect millions of dollars easily, which have a major impact instantaneously on the missions of the organization. L’Antre-Gens would receive considerable help and would have the possibility to afford more location to let teenagers live and could accept a far greater number of young adults in their institution. The cause would also receive publicity because it is supported by a famous star, which facilitate the collection or money and creates volunteer work opportunities. When you look internationally in United Kingdom for example, thousands of teenagers are abandoned to themselves. They are turned down by the city and institutions creating danger for being sexually exploited or physically abuse (CareAppointments.co.uk). In Fact, 80% of them did not receive housing and struggle to maintain proper living condition (CareAppointments.co.uk). Once again, in this case, a LeBron James-a-like would draw the attention of the public and gather forces to face the problem in an effective manner.  This is the impact someone like him can have on the population.


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