Fur Farming: A Violation against Crucial Rights

by Raya on February 2, 2015 - 8:02pm

A fur farm in Monteregie holds unhealthy animals in their barn that are malnourished and badly taken care of. The government barely pays attention to this problem, caused by the lack of laws towards this matter. However, the government specifies that the case discussed is rare and that usually everything is under good circumstances.

“Really, if you can imagine what hell is like, that is what these animals are living in. It’s hell.” 
says SPCA’s director of animal advocacy Alanna Devine, “We’re talking about horrific, horrific conditions. It’s absolutely unacceptable.”

While the minister plans on removing these animals from the farm, the SPCA is prepared to receive them in their clinics to take good care of them. The SPCA is asking for criminal charges against the owners of the fur farm so that they can take care of the animals and close it for good.

Quebec’s fur farms do not have a certain permit in order to execute their tasks. Every year, farmers kill more than 100 000 animals in order to sell their fur. These animals also lack of water and their excrements are piled beside them which can lead them to contract dangerous diseases, in a place where they are not given even any medical treatments.

In the first place, it is already wrong to use an animal’s fur in order to use it as materials for us, humans.  Not only animals cannot express themselves fully as humans do to tell us if they accept of our decisions or not, but we are taking off a part of their anatomy in order to heat up ours. It is unethical to take someone’s propriety without them being consenting, and since they cannot express themselves, we should therefore not interfere with them.

To continue, not only fur farms violate a crucial right, but they also do not even bother trying to take care of them. The fact that they are poorly fed and barely medicated clearly indicates that fur farmers do not consider animals as beings. They are legitimately torturing these animals before their death, with a final goal that they will end up being material.

A vital aspect that is often too misunderstood is that animals do not speak our language, but they can suffer as much as we do because they are beings. If they are treated the way these fur farmers are treating them, they feel pain as much as we feel it if we ever stay in their conditions. The government does not consider them as a priority because they are not human, so animal rights are ignored and more animals are being abused of their rights as beings. Do they really deserve this kind or treatment? Is it necessary that we abuse of their fur to make them of human propriety? 

And just as the great philosopher Jeremy Bentham has said: “The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but "Can they suffer?”

CTV news is a reliable source because it is one of the most local newscasts in Canada where they provide, not only web information but also television broadcastings.  I think that they retain their reliability because of how they have lasted since 1960, and if they were to be unreliable, the television channel and their website would have closed long ago. The journalists that work at CTV news are professionals who graduated from several important universities across the United States and Canada. Some graduated from Concordia, others graduated from University of Colombia, so on and so forth.  That’s why I have no doubt about the reliability of CTV news.  

This text was originally taken from “‘Horrific Conditions’ at Quebec Fur Farm: SPCA” written by CTV News.ca Staff by CTV News on August 14th 2014. http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/horrific-conditions-at-quebec-fur-farm-spca...


I think you chose a very interesting topic to write about, and you wrote about it very well.I personally believe the way that animals are treated, especially in the fur industry, is inhumane, cruel and most of all completely unnecessary. Back in times when technology was at a minimum, I understand the human need to wear fur in colder climates. But, in many of those cases, not just the hide of the animal was used. The meat, bones and organs were used as well. For many species, meat eating is a natural thing, and many would say that it is natural for humans. However, to breed animals with the sole intention of killing them, disposing of their carcasses and manufacturing their fur into clothing is absurd and it is evil. With today's technology, we are able to make synthetic fur that is just as warm as animal fur and looks almost identical. There is no need to continue these fur farms!