French Muslims targeted

by AlexR on January 26, 2015 - 3:03pm

After the attacks perpetrated at the Charlie Hebdo office, an anti-Muslim crime-wave appear in the street of France. In total, over 55 anti-Muslim crimes have been reported. Muslim businesses and mosques were the target of acts of vandalism. Also, hate speech, racist graffiti, discrimination, physical assault and even a murder has been observed in France during the last week. "The attacks in Paris occurred in a very Islamophobic and racist context in France," said Elsa Ray, representative for the Collective against Islamophobia in France. Finally, the number of anti-Islam act has increased since the past few years (for the one who has been reported), confirmed the French council of the Muslim Faith.

Title of the original article: Increase in Anti-Muslim Incidents in France Post-Shooting            

By Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, published in NBCnews January 23rd 2015



I agree with you Islamophobia and any other kind of racist behaviour is intolerable. People tend to generalize when it comes to terrorism. When a group of terrorist commit a disastrous crime, the community will blame every one of the same ethnicity group. It is a persisting problem within our western world, where we act in certain ways and offend others without thinking. These people take advantage of such situation to release the anger within, it is human but not right. One should not take blame for others mistakes only because of his ethnic background. This behaviour is not sustainable because it creates war and chaos.

This article really enlighten me of the situation that is going on in France. This article shows me that people can attack someone solely based on their ethnic background, and the ones attacking uses a straw-man just to justify their action. This should not be acceptable in our society, and people should not be harmed just because "there are some rotten apples in the basket".

The worst thing is how others tend to generalize so much. Just because certain people of a particular religion decided to do something terrible doesn't mean that everybody in that religion wants to do the same things as well. The same thing happened with 9/11. Whereas, yes, these attacks are terrible, going after those who didn't do anything isn't going to solve any problems, but more than likely it'll make it worse.