Forged jihad

by RimaAlha on April 20, 2015 - 11:31pm

Nicolas Henin, a French journalist, was held in captivity for 10 months by a British jihadist from the Islamic State. His interview with BBC permits us to understand some crucial concepts about those militants. Nicolas Henin describes his rare contacts with the captors as important sources of information. They do not differ from us, “they are children of our societies”. They talk the same language and watch the same TV shows ("from the Teletubbies to Game of Thrones"). These people do not have the Islamic or Arab culture; they have been fabricated by repeated false ideologies. Henin also shares the fact that lots of his captors were doubtful about their acts and had to justify themselves continuously. Lots of them went out there with good intentions, but were pushed to commit irreversible acts. In the end, Henin gives one vital advice: "[Asking for pity] is the worst thing you can do. It's stupid. Never try it".

            This interview gives an interesting point of view concerning ISIS. A good number of jihadists should not be considered as serial killers, but as young people who were exposed to a vile but attractive ideology. In fact, recruiters do their job well on Internet: their message is repeated until a young mind catches it. And then, the ideology is applied. On “Tout le monde en parle”, a weekly TV show on ICI Radio-Canada Télé, the animator Guy A. Lepage had the chance to receive Nicolas Henin two weeks ago. Not only he talked about his captors as he did with BBC, but he also gave his opinion about Canada’s declaration of war against ISIS. In fact, he condemned Canada’s actions because of their effects on civilians. Canadians will be destroying ISIS bases while systematically ignoring the government’s actions against Syrians. Wouldn’t it be awful to see a plane bombarding your house while the other ignores you totally?