FIFA World Cup on Artificial Grass

by RimaAlha on February 8, 2015 - 3:23pm

In September 2014, FIFA announced that the Women's World Cup would be held on artificial turf, a statement that leaded to some controversy. In fact, 40 women soccer players declared that they would fill a lawsuit for gender discrimination to have some equality with males. "They would never in a heartbeat think of putting anything less than grass for the men," Carrie Serwetnyk, former Canadian player said. "They'd protest. It would be a scandal" (News, CBC par.9). On the other side, Canadian Soccer Association president Victor Montagliani denied the issue and considered it as misinformation.

I am a soccer player. Not a professional one, far from it, but I play since I am 11. This post made me frown, considering the evident sexism displayed by the FIFA. I never understood why it is so difficult for men to accept us in this game. Each time my female friends and I play with new soccer players, it is always the same reaction at first: no one is taking us seriously. Without any bad intention, male players shout more encouragements to girls, tell them what to do and act essentially as mentors, which is pretty unpleasant. Holding a World Cup on artificial turf is the same thing. The FIFA is explicitly taking women less seriously than men. Such discrimination should not be acceptable, especially at a professional level.

Thus, some players filled a complaint against the FIFA. However, the association threatened them of suspension and forced them to abandon the gender discrimination lawsuit in the end of January. At least, the complainants’ efforts will not be vain and the World Cup’s final will be on real grass (Westhead par.9). It is a small step, but it will help us going forward in our quest for gender equality.



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I love that you touched on a subject like this! I've played soccer since I was 6 and I heard about this scandal. Most people ignore subjects like this because they don't understand but when you play, you always feel that separation between guys and girls. It's interesting to hear how situations like this one can affect young girls and how one relates to these stories. Girls start younger and younger at playing sports and I believe it was a good choice to talk about something that is as relevant as this as soccer is becoming more and more popular all around the world. Discrimination comes in many forms and it is important to bring them about whenever one can in order to put an end to it.

I totally agree with you! I think there is nobody better than a woman soccer player to talk about this issue. Even if you are not a professional soccer player, this issue concerns you because it is a kind of inspiration for you to see those women play soccer on TV. It also reflects your reality as a non-professional player because you also feel the consequences in the way boys are acting you when you play.

I completely agree with your position! It may not seem like much, but the playing surface for the World Cup does make a difference from an equality perspective. I'm a guy who has played soccer since I was 7 on both men's teams and mixed teams. I don't find it fair to see women discriminated on the soccer field, it is something that simply does not belong in the sport. To see this issue in the upcoming Women's World Cup is frustrating and I believe that women have and equal right to play on grass fields as men do. Interesting topic!