The Cure to Educational Motivation

by S. de Champlain on March 17, 2015 - 6:40am

Has school been on the bottom of you to-do list, or completely not on it? Either way, continuing to read will defenetely help increase your motivation to obtain a high school diploma! As it may be a surprise for many, high school dropouts rate are still high. In an analysis that was conducted in 2012 till 2013, it was found that in Washington, only 81 percent of students obtained their diploma. Although it does not seem like a low percentage, it is the equilvalence to having one student in five not accomplishing high school. Washington is not the only ones with a problem with students not aquiring a diploma; Oregon with 69 percent, and the District of Columbia with 62 percent. Moreover, high school droupouts are decreasing with time, but the problem will defenetley not be fixed completely by itself. Thus, schools are now “hiring intervention specialists to keep teenagers in school” and help them obtain a high school diploma in the end.

            There is many people in the world that are ready to help for free! Youth Fusion is a non-profit organization that concentrates on increasing motivation of students to stay in school instead of dropping out. There technique to convince the “youths” of our society is to find hobbies that students are interested and participate in such as; environmental club, sports, etc. Keeping students interested is a great way to keep them motivated. If you are interested to be part of Youth Fusion, please visit;




“Education Department says latest national high school graduation rate reaches 81 per cent”


By Kimberly Hefling, The Associated Press

Posted on: 02/12/2015


Your post was short and concise which made for a good interesting read. Strong statistics were used to back up your statements. Virtue ethics is basing ethical behavior on the virtues held by the individual, for example honesty. How to judge morality can fluctuate between different cases. Intentions and benefits to the group or individual are taking into account. In this case, where we are seeing high school dropouts as a problem, morality would depend on the individual and taking consideration the benefits for them and society in this case. I believe that graduating would benefit the individual and society in the long run because they would be setting themselves up to be more successful.