Civil rights and Justice: How Justice Femme can help women’s integration in our society

by Raya on April 13, 2015 - 11:16pm

Justice Femme is an organization related to protect women's rights in the society and to actively take action against all kind of segregations in all spheres of the society. 

The organizer of this group is Hanadi Saad, spokesperson for Justice Femme, and the person with whom I will volunteer with along with a lot of other women in the organization. I will volunteer at an event called "Se soutenir pour mieux se tenir" [Sustain ourselves to hold onto ourselves] to discuss about personal experiences regarding aggressions, psychological and moral support, how to control our fears, different ways to react to verbal or physical attacks, how to defend ourselves from aggressors, and how to find help in these kind of situations. This workshop is reserved for women only. Here's the link to the organization

For my final project, I will write a newsactivist post on my experience as a volunteer in this organization and about how it is important that women speak up about their experiences so they would receive help and raise awareness to people around them that live in the same situation than theirs.

The reason why I want to volunteer there is because I have been studying about human rights throughout the semester during my Newsactivism class, and it made me understand after the news about the woman being aggressed in Metro Rosemont last week for wearing the hijab, how it is important for women to have a freedom of expression and that it is an important right for women to wear whatever they want if they are comfortable with it. It is an important value and I think that, the fact that women are restrained to do so infringes human rights.

The news story about the woman being attacked in Metro Rosemont in Montreal on April 3rd has raised a voice to women who have overcome the same situation due to Islamophobia to talk about it publicly. The relevant subject today is really about Muslim women, so the organization is really focusing on their case and how they are excluded from the society. This exclusion leads these women to all sorts of violence, verbal or physical, from their surroundings. To them, it leads some to depression and anxiousness. This story has made this organization bust a move to help Muslim women to be integrated in the society. In this case, the woman, Hanane Mehdi, came home after being hit “in the face, which got all red” at the sight of her 9 year old who “became upset of her mom’s bruised head”. (CTV News) It is sad that Muslim families have to live such injustice and I think that whatever your religion views is, you have the right to be respected even if you do not agree with it.

As a volunteer, I will film the convention and put it in archives because it is an important discussion that can, not only benefit the people that are present, but also those who cannot attend. If I have an idea to share in the discussion, I will be welcomed to share suggestions to help these women out.

The skills that I will use for this volunteering opportunity are my sense of being open-minded and critical of the discussions that are being said. I will also need to be tolerant towards other opinions because different opinion will be given throughout the meeting. Also, I will listen carefully and will understand their stories.

The volunteering will take place in the Islamic Community Center in Brossard around 2PM on April 18th 2015.

This article is originally taken from “Woman says she was attacked on Montreal subway for wearing a hijab” written by QMI Agency on April 3rd 2015.