Bullying from an Unlikely Source

by MoJo JoJo on April 20, 2015 - 11:52pm

            Unfortunately, It is never uncommon to hear about bullying occurring in schools. However, when an instructor is the oppressor, and a special needs student is the victim, people take notice. In the fall of 2011, a 15-year-old special needs student was the victim of bullying from his teacher. He faced countless verbal abuses and taunts. His parents, though skeptical at first, equipped their son with a camera to catch the teacher in the act of bullying. The footage he captured revealed countless abuses being made. A formal complaint was made and the school board took immediate action to prevent it from happening again.

            This article, written by Bernice Garcia, was published on the Daily News website on November 18th,2011. To read more about this story follow this link: