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by MoJo JoJo on March 16, 2015 - 11:56pm

Recently, a severe case of bullying has surfaced. An unnamed student in New York State has allegedly forced a special-need student to drink their own urine. The bully filmed the incident and posted the video on the Internet. In addition to this harassment, the student is also a repeated offender as he was involved in infamously bringing a bus driver to tears a few years ago. Nonetheless, Greece Athena High School, the school where the incident occurred, has taken measures to make sure nothing similar happens again. The original article written by the CTV staff, “Student who bullied bus monitor allegedly involved in incident with special needs student”, was published on the CTV News website on March 13th 2015. To learn more about this incident or to simply read the whole article, visit the following link: http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/student-who-bullied-bus-monitor-allegedly-involved-in-incident-with-special-needs-student-1.2279342.

Interestingly, bullying among children is not a new issue. Adults and educators often excuse it by simply saying they are “just kids”. However, many victims have been marked for life and in some cases, the victims were forced to commit suicide. Luckily, some organization are dedicated to raising awareness about bullying and its consequences and to prevent any other cases from occurring. Stomp Out Bullying is an organization that has been fighting against bullying since 2005. They hold several events throughout the year to help children cope with bullying and prevent bullying altogether. If you are interested in joining this cause, the following is a link to organization’s main web page where you can participate by becoming an ambassador against bullying: http://www.stompoutbullying.org/.


Also, bullying can appear in different form. For example, cyber-bullying is also a very big problem. That is why some free website like Bullyingcanada.com or stopabully.com exist. Those websites have for purpose to inform and provide help for the victim. Several school uses those web site in order to reduce bullying in their institutions.

The issue you are addressing is an interesting and very important one in our current society that needs further attention. There exists various ways to confront this worldwide problem. The most effective one is to stop bullying before it even starts. From that point, the chosen method depends on who we think are the ones responsible to prevent such acts. Lots of us identify the parents as playing the most important role in those situations. For this reason, there are free websites such as stopbullying.gov that help parents to identify specific signs indicating an involvement of their child with intimidation. The emphasis is also on how they should talk to their youngster to whether help them when they are bullied or teach them the correct path when they are the bullies.

From another point of view, the school staff can be designated as the group responsible to put a halt to that practice. Unfortunately, schools are not only places where people receive education, but also where most of the bullying occurs. Therefore, the adults supervising those places play a key role in this whole process to stop intimidation. In a lot of cases, the school and parents work together to solve those problematic situations.

One last very influential group constitutes the media. Since the media are present everywhere in our everyday life, the messages that they transmit are easily heard by the public. Thus, education from parents and school are not the only ways through which young boys and girls learn things. Sensitization through the media about the phenomenon would be a great method to diminish its practice. The messages can be diffused in different forms such as in campaign ads, radio, news, etc. In my opinion, the media constitute the better way to prevent intimidation because not all parents are as responsible and concerned about their children as they should be. Not all kids are wanted ones, which makes the teamwork between the parents and school much harder.

Great topic to write about. Bullying is an issue that does not get addressed often enough in our society. It is unethical from a deontological perspective to bully no matter what the consequences are, only because the motive is bad. Deontology focuses on the rightness or wrongness of the actions you make, and I don't believe that forcing someone to drink his own urine is a well intended action.

I appreciate the topic you chose because bullying is a universal problem that has driven many children and adolescents to psychological depression, forcing some to even commit suicide. Bullying is often never given the attention it deserves and many try to avoid the topic because of either fear or because the one committing the act does not care about the effect on the victim. The perspective of Deontology classifies the morality of certain acts by action, regardless of the consequences, thus meaning that bullying would be considered an act that is not morally ethical because instills fear on people. For example, bullying a bully would be morally incorrect because it still scares that person and decreases their level of self-esteem. Another way deontological ethics declares if certain acts are moral would be if you universalized that action, in this case bullying would be one that is considered not ethically correct because everyone in the world would be scared of one another.

This article was well written and helps the reader understand more about bullying. As an deontological theorist bullying should have a zero tolerance law. It is morally wrong to bully someone because its a bad thing to do.

The post is very interesting! It represents well how bullies act and how they pressure other children. More organizations should be created to give children access to psychological help. Teachers should be more aware about what is happening in their classes. Bullying is more present than people think and because of it, high school students are committed suicide and no one seem to take actions. To make it as real as I can, my little sister got bullied when she was in elementary school and my parents had to intervene because no one at her school would do something about it. She is still scared that someday some else will bully her and make her life 'miserable'. Thank god, today we have all sorts of services that help the students in need but, still, children who committed suicide are increasing. If you are interested in some statistics about bullied students, here are some that can prove my thoughts. http://www.bullyingstatistics.org/content/bullying-and-suicide.html
Great Post!

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