Armed Teachers: Yes, Please or Hell No!

by TL13 on February 9, 2015 - 6:23pm

“Pakistan teachers learn to carry, fire handguns after Peshawar school massacre” by Asif Shahzad published February 2nd, on Global News.


On December 16, 2014, there was an attack on Peshawar school. It was said to be a terrorist attack by Pakistani Taliban militants dressed as Pakistani soldiers. “They massacred 150 children and teachers; nobody could fight back” (Shahzad 1). Now, government authorities in Pakistan have given permission for teachers to carry a firearm to defend themselves and the kids (Shahzad 2). This terrorist attack affected so many people that some of the teachers feel like going to work unarmed is no longer an option anymore. A teacher was asked if she felt confident in killing a terrorist at her school and she replied yes, saying that she would shoot everyone who kills innocent people. “The higher education minister in the Khyber Paktunkhwa provincial government based in Peshawar, Mushtuq Ghani,” said that terrorists need to know that schools aren’t defenseless and that teachers being armed could hold off the gunmen and buy time for the police to arrive (Shahzad 5). On the other hand, “other provinces have not followed Peshawar’s plan for teachers to carry a concealed gun and most educational organizations agree that it’s the right call” (Shahzad 12). The provincial president of All Teachers Association in Peshawar said that students were scared by the increase in security and seeing teachers with a gun would increase anxiety (Shahzad 16). He also states that government authorities should be the ones taking responsibility for defending school against attacks like this. Click here for full story.



Shahzad, Asif. "Pakistan Teachers Learn to Carry, Fire Handguns after Peshawar School Massacre." Global News. The Associated Press. Web. Feb. 2015.


This attack reminds me of a shooting that happened in Montreal, Quebec. There was a shooting that had occurred in 2006 at Dawson College on September 13 and after the attack, many suffered mental heath consequences. I was 9 years old at that time, and ever since, my parents would always worry whenever I had to go in the city. Even if I was really young, that incident had always been a topic that my friends and I would talk about when it came to applying to Cegep. I wouldn’t say that the reason why I didn’t go to Dawson was because of that incident, but I can say that it did make my decision to go to Champlain a lot easier. I can also say that I am glad that Dawson's campus alert systems have been improved, but I don’t think I could go to a school where teachers carry a concealed gun. I don’t want school to mean that I’m defenseless and so are the teachers, but I honestly believe that being in a classroom with an armed teacher might cause some unnecessary anxiety. Click here for the Dawson shooting story.