Should We Legalized Euthanasia

by agb12 on February 15, 2015 - 9:16pm

On July 2014, Dr. J. Donald Boudreau and Margaret A Somerville, two professors in the Department of Medicine at McGill University in Montreal, decided to write an article about euthanasia. In the article ''Euthanasia and assisted suicide: a physician’s and ethicist’s perspectives'' and the article of CBC news called ''Assisted suicide : Where do Canada, other countries stand?''  the authors discussed about whether euthanasia is immoral or not. Also, it discussed about which country is for the assisted suicide and which one is not. The ethical issue of this debate is about the following question: Should assisted suicide be legalized? On one hand, the authors discussed the principal of freedom  which is that a person is free to do whatever they want in their life. In the case of an assisted suicide,  the principle of freedom or also called the ''right to die''(Boudreau & Somerville p.4) can be applied in the sense where a person that is in an extremely bad health condition and wants to die right away instead of living a painful life should have the right to get euthanized. In that way the person will not have to suffer anymore and will probably  be better off like this. Furthermore, the authors explained that this principle must be only used when the doctor or the physician agrees to euthanized the patient because euthanizing a human being can be very hard on the mental state of the person. Therefore, if everyone agree that a person wants to get euthanized, they should be free to do it. On the other hand, there is the principal of following what the law says. This  principle is the position in which  both authors are for. They believe that euthanasia is wrong if the laws say it is wrong or if euthanasia is right if it says it's right. This principle reflects exactly what the Kantian's people believe. In today's world, there are some country that believes that euthanasia should not be used on a human being unless for the death penalty. Which principle is the right one?

In my opinion, I believe in the first principal where we should be free to decide whether  we want to get euthanized or not. I also think that euthanasia  must only be use on people that  have a very bad condition. For example someone who is in a terminal phase of a cancer with no cure, someone who is suffering from dementia who cannot take care of himself or even realized that he or she is still alive, and more. As a person that is in remission from cancer, I think that if my treatment did not work out like it did and there would be no treatment to cure me, I would probably use the method of euthanasia because I wouldn't like to live the rest of my life in pain. On another side, there will be other person that will be against what I just said earlier because there are people in this world that believe that euthanasia is the same thing that if we killed somebody. It is a murder.

Work cited:

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