Food in the North getting Cold.

by The Nommz on February 1, 2015 - 8:52pm

                We have all seen the price of food go up as of late, but the price of food in Canada’s north is so crippling that it would make you scoff. "Brian Platt" from the Catalyst illustrates the issues surrounding the increasing problem of food insecurity in Canada’s north in his article "Experts sound warning on looming food crisis in the North" Written on April 11th 2014. He begins by mentioning  a panel put together by "The Council of Canadian Accadamies" which found that northern Aboriginal communities have almost double the amount of food insecurity as the average Canadian households further south. The numbers lying around 27% to about 14%. Food insecurity according to "Harriet Kuhnlein" a professor of Human nutrition at McGill university is "Key pillars of availability and access to food that is culturally acceptable,- and adequate for nutrition and good health." the problem lies that the communities living within Canada's north are eating more and more unhealthily due primarily to the high cost of transporting produce across the country. Most of the transportation of such goods is done by trucking, where the hazards and logistical issues surrounding that form of transport become immediately apparent. To cover the costs of travel, the corporations involved must charge high in order to make return.                                                                                                                                

          goods so easily accessible in the southern provinces end up costing double and even triple the amount in ther north. "Amy Judds" online Article for the "Global News" named "Feeding my Family" written on the 19th of January of this year, brings up the average annual expenditure for Canadian Households on groceries across the Country in 2009 (the last year recorded) by "Statistics Canada". the record states that the average Canadian Household within the southern provinces spends 7,262$ for food while the average aboriginal home would end up spending anywhere in between 7,496$ to 14,815$ annually. considering that 49% of the Inuit population only earns less than 20,000$ a year, one might assume that there will be issues concerning the health of the population in the north. How can we change the situation up north? Well the northern communities can benefit greatly from the goodwill of their southern cousins in the form of donations of food which can be delivered to them through people like "Gwilliam North" who operates the program "Helping our northern Neighbours" or you can petition the Government and call them out to help better the situation, by making them hold true with deals with "Cisco" to better supply the Canadian Territories.  Why should you trust these articles? I would say that the reasons to trust theses articles lie in the fact that they are using trusted sources such as “Statistics Canada” and mentioning individuals from prominent well established educational institutions from around the country. Ultimately what cannot be denied is that there are some serious issues in the thought of a rich western nation like Canada, unable to provide for its citizens.


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