School system: why does the Dutch sytem work better than Quebec's

by Justin on October 3, 2017 - 4:23pm

In Quebec, the school system is rather unique. After highschool, it is a totally different way than most countries, and the question we should ask ourselves is: does different mean better? I do no think that having a different school system is a nuisance, although Quebec's system is not excellent either. In fact in 2012-2013, the drop rate was almost at 16%, which was the best year since a very long time. Let's compare it with the Dutch school system, which(in Netherlands) is as low as 8% drop rate, significantly lower.


First off, what is special about the Dutch school system? Instead of sending all the students in the same school model, they have a variety of options. Students starting from first year are evaluated by their teachers for their entire time in elementary school. Using the data gathered, plus and exit exam at the end of elementary school, then they are redirected to which type of school is best suited for them. Going from very practical learning and job oriented to very theoritical. This way, students are not thrown into something they do not fit in, like we are in Quebec. They also have a better guidance as what is the choice they should make, in what school they should go and what program. In Quebec, unless you consult a specialist(which will cost money, the better professional the higher the cost) you are left alone to chose what you want to do as a career without knowing anything about where you want to go. So you either start over multiple times until you end up either finding what you want to do or getting forced to quit and find a mid-waged job and unable to attain a better life situation due to the lack of support at school when you needed it. 


As I think Quebec's teachers are mostly competent, the whole system after elementary school should be reworked. A more student oriented system, that follows each individual until they have made their choice, where that choice has been guided by specialists who have analyzed what is the best place to go for everyone. They way our system works right now is made that students who are better at memorizing and paperworking succeed, and the students that have different capabilities are lead to think they are not as intelligent, because they are not able to perform in a system that is not made to adapt to everyone.

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