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by she2lby on November 1, 2017 - 11:51pm

The world has been changing for the better and the worst. This change is all because of the recent development in the technology sector, where the old methods doing business have almost entirely disappeared with the ability to get information on someone in a second, through the internet. This advancement means that how companies hire and train their employees have changed as well. Now everyone must be cautious when writing online or on social media platforms. For the baby boomers, this has become a negative thing for some. In an article written by Louise Eccles on April 15, 2015, for the Daily Mail, he discussed how experts said that the older population will have a harder time finding a job. This theory is because now companies have heavily-geared their training and hiring process to the younger generation, being that the elderly are said to have poor technology skills. Many people have had to take an early retirement because of the increase in demand. In a scholarly journal article written by Rod P. Githens published in winter 2007, he discusses the same issues addressed by Eccles, but he does propose a solution. The solution is a new program that is being developed for the elderly not only for the workplace and their social life. This program is a type of e-learning that provides people with the chance to learn on their own time and at a distance. The tool is used to show people how to use social media as well as new developing programs at their workplace. Companies can use this program to help some of there older employees stay ahead of the game if they are feeling over-pressured to learn everything quickly. This e-learning experience is the way that a person can learn at their own speed, but still be able to meet deadlines and meet the new standards of the business industry. With this, I feel that it will allow the people who are willing to learn the new technology advancements but in their own time, while keeping employers happy as well.


Hi. My name is Krystal from China. I have read your interesting article.
As the article says, the new technology advancement has really changed
our daily lives. It is the reason why more and more companies begin to
pay attention to the ability of employees to use computers. Even that
every day another company brings out something more advanced in attempt
to win the consumer war against another company. So we should understand
the companies that force older employees to retire early. That is where
the work place is so cruel. The situation is the same in China. It is
more difficult for people to find a good job if they don’t have the
computer skills.And I think maybe this kind of thing also happens in
other countries. But for that old employees, it is necessary for them to
realize the importance of knowing the skill of using the Internet. They
should try their best to adapt to the development of the times. But at
the same time, the emergence of this new program in the article also
provides better opportunities for older workers to learn new technology.

Is this happening in Canada? How's the situation of the older workers there
as far as the demand for the need to learn technology is concerned? Hoping
to hear from you.

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