The Reality of Rural Living and the Effects on the Education Systems

by she2lby on September 15, 2017 - 3:23pm

On Jan. 22, 2017, Kristin Rushowy wrote an article for the Toronto Star on a rural school in Ontario closing because there were not enough students to be able to stain the building itself. This occurrence is resulting in many families having to send their kids to another school, which happens to be a lot farther than the other school. Some children now have to travel about an hour and a half to get to school.

These closings have been happening to an extreme amount of rural schools in the areas of Ontario, in a recent article from CBC, Ieva Lucs on June 28, 2017, reported that over the next three years there’s an estimated closing of 121 schools in rural areas. The province is still investing $20 million to support the schools, but some schools still need to be closed.

Even in Quebec, the rural area that I am from they needed to close some schools, including my elementary school because the schools didn’t have enough students attending. With that, I was forced to move to a new school, where I was only with a few of my friends because there was a few of them that their parents decided to go to a different school. I know the effects that changing schools can have on a young child and how the traveling time can be an inconvenience to the parents as well as the students for time to do homework. A school is a center for some communities, and with the recent increase of schools closing even with the help of some funding, I feel that there could be more done not to pull children out of their community to get an education.

I believe that every child should have the right to education and should have the option to receive their degree close to home. I believe if we don’t put more focus on the rural areas, in a few years, people are going to be forced to move to urban centers and eventually the people in those rural regions won’t be able to support themselves without enough people in their area.


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Hello ! I enjoyed reading your article and was very surprised by it because I had no idea schools were closing in some rural areas which would be causing problems for the people of the countryside. You taught me something knew ! I am, on the other hand, surprised to hear about this seeing as I come from the countryside. Schools being closed has never really been a problem from my experience living in the countryside for two reasons; the first is that I've never seen schools closing even with few people attending, and second because there are already many buses who come to get the kids from the rural areas and bring them to schools in the city. But I guess in other places in Canada it must be a problem.

This is an issue here! Even if there is buses going to the rural areas that is not the issue and you didn't read the summary fully because I discuss about how traveling time effects how much time children have to do their homework and that they have to move farther away from home. I don't know where you are from, but in my town we are about 400 people in total and I was discussing extreme rural areas. Just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it is not happening elsewhere and even if there is one bus going to one area twice per day the time it takes to get there and back will effect how kids feel in their community.

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