Limiting North Korea to Provoking any Kind of Nuclear War

by Shyanne on August 30, 2017 - 1:39am

Limiting North Korea to Provoking any Kind of Nuclear War


David A. Andelman’s article: “North Korea will be a nuclear power. We need to accept that now” last updated Monday August 21, 2017 talks about the current situation of North Korea having nuclear weapons in their possession. North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un, is a man with a lot of power who does not get dissuaded easily. President Donald Trump, has to verbally restrain Kim from doing anything catastrophic and unacceptable. Considering Trump’s background people do not seem convinced that he will be able to do so. Although, Trump may not have the right ways to communicate with others, the article states that the people should be grateful for two things. First, Donald Trump has not cancelled the Iran nuclear treaty, second, China, the neighbouring country of North Korea also possesses nuclear weapons that could cause major damage on North Korea. With both of these things the people should be thankful for, it limits the ideas of Kim provoking any kind of nuclear war.


The article states that in order to cope with a nuclearized North Korea we must find a respectable and mutual way to destruct the nukes to contain them. Mutually assured destruction (MAD) is “a concept that helped keep nuclear war at bay throughout the Cold War, when the United States and the Soviet Union recognized that the launch of nuclear weapons by one against the other would lead to certain destruction of its own nation and people” as described by Andelman in the CNN article.


A major element about MAD is that no nation can needlessly, or mindlessly, provoke another. Which is important because Trump has to be careful not to antagonize the leader with very little self control, Kim.


Overall, we will be living in such an unstable universe for quite a while. The article explains that we could see 20 to 30 years before there is regime change in North Korea that may lead to balance to its diplomatic and military priorities.


Shyanne Wylie-Gordon

August 28, 2017

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