Japanese School System

by Justin on September 19, 2017 - 9:34am

As read from a Japanese writer,the Japanese school system is very different from america's. Students spend more time at school in Japan, as they have 3 semesters instead of 2 like us. They also have longer semesters, and less vacations. In fact, bet ween all three semesters, they get 6 weeks of vacation in the summer, and 2 weeks between each semester(winter and spring break). Most of the time, even though these are "vacations", students are loaded with homework. From my perspective and experience of school so far, I do think that this is way too much school for young people like me to be able to enjoy life outside of school. Having nearly no vacations(with them filled with homework) I feel like there is very little escape from school with Japan's system. Even though I have this opinion about this school system, I am forced to see the facts and admit it works. The way of teaching is much more about the group than the way in america(which is more about individuality) and this shows for the rest of Japanese people's life. Also, "Japan has one of the best-educated populations, with... zero illiteracy." "High school enrollment is at 96% nationwide and nearly 100% in the cities." The drop rate is under 2%, and about half of the students go to university or junior college.  With the Ministry of Education supervising every single school's way of grading and teaching, it assures every school gives the same standards and level of education. After reading about this system, even if I find the school system to be a bit intense, I am forced to see it is a good system that works(if not better than our system).

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