Floodings in Metro Vancouver: heavy rainfall lead to trees falling and streets flooded.

by Maximum98 on October 24, 2017 - 9:27am

Heavy rainfall is coming down very rapidly on the West of Canada right now and it is causing major flooding. On October 18, an article published by Global News and written by Sean Boyton talks about the heavy rainfall in Metro Vancouver which is causing floods in the streets and trees are being knock down due to the heavy winds that came with the rain. The article specifies that about a half of a centimeter of rain fell around the region of Vancouver. Throughout the article, we can see multiple photos of the flooded streets and videos of cleanup crews picking up fallen trees that are blocking streets.  After reading the article, it seemed to me that there might be something more to this story that can be looked at in depth like, for example, how can these floods can be prevented or how vulnerable this city is because of its geographical placement that is close to the ocean. By looking at scholarly articles, I found three peer-reviewed articles that show a more in depth look at the news story. The first article comes from The Lancet, suppl. Supplement 2. Their article is entitled “Development of a spatiotemporal composite measure of climate change-related human health effects in urban environments: a Metro Vancouver study”. This article is relevant because the floods that have occurred in Metro Vancouver may have health impacts in the community so this study examines what health effects might occur. The second article comes from the Annals of the Association of American Geographers. Their article is entitled “Unequal Vulnerability to Flood Hazards: “Ground Truthing” a Social Vulnerability Index of Five Municipalities in Metro Vancouver, Canada.” This article is relevant to the news because as written in the title, it talks about how vulnerable Metro Vancouver is to floods. The third article comes from Environmental Management. Their article is entitled “Flood Insurance in Canada: Implications for Flood Management and Residential Vulnerability to Flood Hazards”. This article is relevant because as said in the title, it talks about the management of flooding’s in Canada and how vulnerable the country is to floods itself.

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