Flooding's in Canada: the slow response and the cost of the damages.

by Maximum98 on November 2, 2017 - 10:06am

When a flood happens today, a huge monetary cost is involved and insurance claims are usually demanded by the victims so they can start rebuilding what was lost. However, a lot of times, the government response to those insurance claims can be very long and that is a problem. On October 23rd, 2017, CBC News published an article written by Sabrina Marandola talking about a Laval woman that has been waiting since last spring to get her response from the government about her insurance claim. She claims in the article that the damage caused by the floods will cost around $88,000, but the government only estimates her damage at $35,000. The government response to these accusations has been that they are trying to process all the insurance claims as fast as they can and the Public Security Ministry is organizing meeting that are one-on-one with the victims of the flood. After reading this news article I decided to go more in depth and try to find an academic journal article to get a bit more detail about the cost of floods in Canada. I found an article written by Van Lantz, Ryan Trenholm, Jeff Wilson and William Richards entitled "Assessing market and non-market costs of freshwater flooding due to climate change in the community of Fredericton, Eastern Canada" This article talks the possible cost a flood would do to the city of Fredericton New Brunswick. They have discovered that when a flood hits the town and creates a 1 meter or higher flood, than the cost in the household sectors of the town would be $3,764,000. This article brings up more details to this the news summary because it sheds a light at what could be the economic cost of a huge flood in the cities and it shows how much time and effort it must take for the government to calculate these numbers and with those numbers how they can distribute it all back to the victims with their insurance claims.


Article bibliography:

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Link to the news article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/laval-flood-victim-tear-down-house-1.4368251

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