Death to Freedom

by Claudia on September 6, 2017 - 6:47am

I must say living in this century is coming out very difficult in many ways. Especially, to the most outspoken of us, the ones that try to make their best to express not only their beliefs but also to give us ,the population, the right to evaluate situations by having almost all the facts possible to be given. Yes, the journalists. Who are being mistreated all around the world in this right instant.


Now one of these articles is right on the actuality of the cause, the case of Gauri Lankesh, 55. This article written by BBC News is very relevant to the subject because it was published September 6th, 2017, which makes it very accurate due to it’s freshness. Back to Lankesh, she was a journalist at her father’s own news called The Times of India, we understand from the original article that she was very invested in her left-wing ideals, she criticized a lot of right-wing groups. She was also the sister to a wining-award filmmaker, which in a sense made her an easy target to set an example as she was renown as well as her family. That in fact is probably what got her killed on her own doorstep by a motorcycle driver, in Bangalore. 


She was so dedicated to this cause that she even was arrested over defamation for one of her written on local BJP leaders. She was given six months in jail but got out on bail. She was killed while out on bail and appealing her conviction. Now to have a proof that this journal has real facts, i did a research on BJP and found out that it was actually really a right-wing political party, founded April 6 1980. It’s a nationalist group which were the ones Lanhesk criticized the most.


What makes this article  a proper one is the big reputation BBC News has maintained for a long while, most of always reporting only the truth. I must thought it is kind of less powerful to me because the reporter(s) on this article are not relieved so I can’t evaluate their authenticity.


The solution to the protection of these people would probably to say that they should keep quiet and not say anything that might offence others, but no. That is not a good solution why wouldn’t they be able to express their freedom of speech. Now I think the only solution for now is to give Their names less in countries were this is getting out of hand for their own protection. Unless they want to be exposed to fight for what they believe which is might be a death to freedom.



Hi Claudia,

I found your post very shocking and I cannot believe freedom of speech is still a problem now in 2017! This is just ridiculous. You chose your title very well, as it leaves a big impact and makes us want to know more.

The Guardian, a British newspaper, also wrote on Gauri Lankesh’s tragic death. The link will be down below in case you want to read it. There is some additional information, and the article is very detailed, which could help you support even more your post. The Guardian was founded almost 200 years ago in 1821, and is one of the most popular newspaper in the UK, due to its numerous awards. In my opinion, its prestige assures the newspaper’s credibility, and I do rely on its content.

Link to the article:

I hadn't heard anything about this case before reading your article and although it is heartbreaking and extremely sad, it made me want to do a little more research on Gauri Lankesh’s death. I found an article written in the Indian Express by Johnson TA and Amrita Dutta. The authors give us more background information and her life leading up to her murder. The article goes into great detail about her purpose and goals which I found very interesting. They were able to get statements from people in her family as well as her friends or people she knew. I was skeptical about the journal because I had never heard of it, however they are very well reported and the fact that it’s an Indian journal reporting on and Indian topic, to me, makes the article a lot more credible.

Hello Claudia.
I really like that you talk about this because I really do believe that journalists should not be mistreated and they should be able to express their opinion. Having said that, I do not think that BBC News is reliable because even you say that they do not always report the truth. If that is the case, how can I really trust them? I think that if a source is reliable, then all their articles should tell the truth and you are telling me that it is not which is why I do not trust BBC News.

Thank you for writing that article. I wasn’t aware of the killing of a major journalist in India and you brought my attention to that event. It is a real threat to India’s democracy, but not a lot of people are aware of this. I think your source is pretty reliable, as BBC News is a trusted site. I share the same concern about the missing name(s) of the reporter(s). Because of that, we cannot know if it was written by an experienced and reliable reporter or someone who shouldn’t have written that text and published it. It lowers its reliability. Also, you wrote that you did a research on BJP, but you haven’t put your source(s). People will find your article more credible if you give your sources for all your research. If you can apply that, I think it will help you. I think you’re on the right path. Good luck for your next assignments!

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