800,000 Dreamers on the Edge of Being Sent Back to a Country They Do Not Know

by audreynoiseux on September 7, 2017 - 1:29pm

Published on Al Jazeera English website by Al Jazeera and news agencies, on September 6th, the article “US reacts to Trump's move to scrap the DACA programme” sums up the reactions to Trump government’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Many important American figures such as CEOs of Apple, Microsoft and Facebook, and the former US president Barack Obama condemned the decision on their social media accounts. Within the Republican Party itself, some members, such as John McCain, senator, did not agree with the approach of the Trump’s administration regarding DACA, and suggested that both sides should “compromise on immigration reform”. Protests were also seen throughout the country, where some of DACA recipients got arrested. However, the article also mentions that the decision is supported by Trump’s closest allies. They reported that the programme itself was unconstitutional, as former US president Obama had “bypassed the Congress and created DACA through an executive order”.


Al Jazeera is partly financed by the ruling family of Qatar, therefore owned by its government. According to the Media Bias/Fact Check website, the network is known for using factual information, usually trustworthy, although it likes to include appealing words favouring the political left wing. It is known for being very low biased about American news. Al Jazeera is therefore a reliable source for this topic, since the news is happening in the United States and because of their fact based information use. However, if the news was concerning either Qatar, Egypt or Saudi Arabia, one might want to investigate further before trusting word for word the media. It is known to have a pro-Qatari bias, according to  Media Bias/Fact Check. In addition, BBC News pointed out that, in Egypt, three journalists working for Al Jazeera have been condemned to prison, while in Saudi Arabia, the last time the network had criticized the “peace plan for the Israel-Palestinian conflict, [Saudia Arabia] recalled its ambassador from Qatar” for a period of six years. Therefore they might be biased when reporting events happening in those countries.


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The title of your article directly made me want to read it and I was not disappointed. Your article addressed the DACA issue in a very clear and captivating way. In my opinion, your source is reliable for this particular issue. Even if Al Jazeera have a slight liberal bias, according to the Media Bias/Fact Check, the fact that they are writing about another country make this source more reliable in this case. In fact, they are seeing the situation from the outside and they have no reason to pick a side, which makes this article reliable for talking about the DACA issue. In order to make sure your article was not biased I went over to BNO News, which is a Dutch news agency that is considered as one of the least biased news, according to Media Bias/Fact Check, and I read their article about the DACA issue: Trump ends deportation amnesty for 800,000 young immigrants. This articles fact checks your article, which only re-enforces my opinion that your story is reliable.

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