Should Toronto Pass a Bylaw Requiring Motorcyclists to Cut their Noise Pollution?

by PatriciaMarchessault on September 3, 2014 - 7:17pm

 The article ‘Time to pipe down’ was published the 25th of August in the journal Toronto Star. The article explains how the loud motorcycles disturb the residents of Toronto. The author claims that there is no good reason to allow motorcyclists, with a taste for loud machines, to continue to disturb a vulnerable public. The author supports the city’s motorcycle noise bylaw which requires bikers to cut their noise pollution to an allowable sound limit of 96 or 100 decibels, depending on the number of cylinders on a motor.

The author seems concerned about the tranquility and health of the residents of Toronto. One of the most important facts that the author points out in support of the noise pollution bylaw is that the wariness issued by the Toronto health department advise residents about how excessive noise can cause medical problems related to sleep loss and stress, as well as impaired hearing. The author also thinks that, for simple courtesy, motorcyclists should not disturb a community.

The arguments of motorcyclists to impose this bylaw are two; first that noisy loud pipes save lives. Secondly, the motorcyclists are not the only source of racket in the city. Ambulances, fire-trucks, and loud music systems also contribute to the overall noise levels. The argument that loud noise can be noticed by drivers and reduce accidents is denied by the author who claims that there is no evidence for this. The author agrees with the second argument but he strongly believes that some of this noise is necessary.


Patricia Marchessault.