Religious practices

by nalmaghrawi on November 10, 2014 - 8:57pm


The article published on Life Site News on September 21, 2012, discusses how a Catholic school in London Ontario opened a prayer room for Muslim students who wished to pray their 5 daily prayers. A policy that was put forth stated that accommodations should be made when dealing with religious beliefs and practices of others. The specific ethical question would be “will the authentic Catholic environment and education disappear with the introduction of religious practices of others?” The general ethical question would be “should schools provide and accommodate to student’s religious beliefs and practices?” 


This is very unique, and it originates close to home for me. I come from Tillsonburg, ON, so London is just a little drive away. Considering this is a Catholic school, I do not think that the school is obligated to accommodate for other religious practices. I am sure that the Muslim students were aware that the school was openly Catholic when they enrolled. I think that it is very considerate and perceptive that the school opened up this prayer room for the Muslim believers, but in no way do I think this is a necessary practice. If the school was a public school, however, and without any denominational devotion, I would think an interfaith chapel, or rooms to accommodate other religious would be appropriate.
Addressing your first question, I do not think that the Catholic environment and educational experience would disappear if the Muslim faith is intermingling. By showing Catholics other faiths it may challenge their beliefs and help them view their religion through different eyes; in this way, it may help to strengthen their understanding of their own faith. I am interested to know how the environment of the school is responding to this change, or if they simply are blending together in harmony.