Consequences of banning or not the burkini.

by emmafricain98 on September 12, 2016 - 10:12pm

Since the beginning of history, religion has created many different groups that express their values and beliefs through different symbols, wearing’s, practices Across the world. Our culture defines who we are. However, is it a reason to denigrate the values of others? At the moment, France is dealing with an ethical issue, as to wheatear they should or should not abolish burkinis. The following will argue and elaborate on both sides of the debate.

I read several articles pointing out all the aspects against abolishing burkinis. France had to overcome much oppression from Islamic people like attacks and terrorist acts, and this can explain why French people are scared of the Islamisation of their country. Those attacks definitely created a ground of terror and obviously a clearer division in-between the groups living in France. An important fact to take into consideration is that France is a secular country, meaning they chose to be neutral in matters of religions. Because of their religion, Muslim husband won't allow their wife to go to the beach if they don’t wear the burkinis. In fact, it is often being said that It would help to the socialization of the Muslim if they were allowed to join occidentals in their activities. This means for women to be allowed to go to the beach wearing a burkini. Every woman no matter of her skin color, religion or beliefs, should have the right to choose her dress code. By allowing women, the right to choose what they want to wear at the beach we are encouraging positive ethical values such as individual freedom, fairness, justice and integrity. If we want to create a greater sense of belonging to a society, we have to live and allow others to live in a fair and respectful manner.

On the other, it is being said that more than half of the French population are in favor of banning the burkinis. Among these is the Prime Minister Manuel Valls, an important face in the country, who claims that the burkinis symbolize Islam's "enslavement of women." This whole struggle over the issue of Islamic dress is really about what it means to be French. The country has suffered from several ISIS attacks. The burkini is associated with the Islam and the oppression of women. It should also be taken into consideration that in Muslims country, French people have to compromise and cover up to respect their values and religion. This can explain why the French people does not  want to cooperate with women wearing burkinis on their beaches. Some French municipalities have also gone as far as banning the burkini for hygiene questions.  This also raises the question regarding the values we want to instill to the next generation. Accepting the burkini would mean accepting that women are inferior to men and do not have the same rights.  This is also an important question we should reflect on. Many values can also relate to the ethical point of view of banning burkinis such as security, tradition, and equality of conditions.

By analysing both sides of the debate, I do realise it is really hard to take a position. Although, I think we should let them dress how they want and let them wear their Islamic swimwear. I think it is selfish to impose a dress code on someone who has no other choice than covering her body to comply with her modesty standards and religion. If France wants to make a fresh start with their relation with Muslim, both origins have to respect the values and morals of each other. This way of thinking, free from judging, will bring us towards a peaceful place.  An important question we should ask ourselves is if banning burkini is the best way to deal with the issue of France country starting to divide itself into two groups?


I think you depicted clearly both sides about this issue. The arguments you brought up for the two groups are really strong, convincing, it makes it hard to take position. However, I agree with you. I do not think we should criminalized the burkini. I think doing so would be sexist and victimize even more the women. I would personally not like to be told what to wear. If I'm ashamed of how I look like, for example, I would like to be able to wear shorts on top of my swimsuit. If it is for a religious belief, then it should be the same. I think the France's government should put their efforts in promoting equality of rights and opportunities for men and women instead. I think that doing the opposite would encourage radicalization of certain muslims, which would be (more) legitimate if they feel that their right to have a religion is violated. What would happen if peaceful discussions replaced the climate of fear in society? Would both sides live together happily, freely and peacefully?

Thank you for sharing your point of view with me. I do think that trying to talk and arrange thing in the other way, definitely, would change something. I do not think that they would necessarily be close, because of the past stories that got us here today. This said, I surely think it would help to the freedom and peace of the country and of both groups.