Mass Surveillance & Social Control

by BurnItDown on February 2, 2014 - 4:30pm

Summary & Analysis: The Last Gasp of American Democracy by Chris Hedges

In the months since former NSA contractor Edward Snowden began to release a trove of documents revealing a global surveillance system created by the “Five Eyes”[1] intelligence collective, the debate on the corporate media has been focused primarily on the “privacy vs. security”[2] conflict which seems to define the scandal. This argument, as pointed out by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges, is based on a false premise. The programs in question have prevented no terror attacks[3] since their inception, but have been used for economic espionage[4], persecution of minor drug crimes[5] (with systematic cover-ups of that use), the prevention of international action on climate change[6], and perhaps most frighteningly, to coordinate the razing of Occupy encampments[7]. In other words, the programs have nothing to do with preventing terrorist attacks, and everything to do with totalitarian social control for the corporate class.

So what is morally right in this scenario? On the side of the corporate class, arguments can and have been made that corporate-state’s wholesale intrusion into the most personal details of private citizens is justified in the name of security from terrorist attacks. As mentioned above, this claim does not hold up to rational inquiry, because no attacks have been prevented. In reality, the corporate class presumably wants to hold onto these programs because social unrest is an inevitable result of the skyrocketing income inequality[8] which defines modern capitalism[9], as well as the forthcoming global destabilization[10] caused on by anthropogenic climate change. The elites know what is coming. And they want to be able to see who is planning resistance to their rule, to prevent and silence movements such as Occupy before they arise, and to silence all dissent. Just like the Stasi in East Germany, the global security state has as its aim an entrenchment of the power of the elites it serves. No other theory stands up to empirical research. Social control is the only sound reason why these programs exist.

Conversely, the side of the debate led by Snowden and Glenn Greenwald clearly has the moral high-ground with regard to the system of mass surveillance. That the power of the security state is already being used to suppress nonviolent political dissent is evidence towards the theory that these systems are being used to guard the privileges of the corporate-class against the power of a mobilized citizenry. Hannah Arendt, quoted by Hedges in the article, describes how systems such as the one being discussed are not truly for the purposes of national security, “but to be on hand when the government decides to arrest a certain category of the population.”[11] Hedges, who personally viewed Stasi repression in East Germany, understands the correlation between massive police-states and social control. In the end, the question is: “Are we willing to live in a society run for the benefit of the few, or are we going to rebel against it?”

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New Snowden leaks released today find that the British GCHQ (the UK's version of the NSA) has been using their spying infrastructure to launch cyber-attacks against the pro-transparency hacktivist collective Anonymous. In case you don't remember, Anonymous is a loosely-knit group of hackers whose ideology is that excessive secrecy is inherently abusive and should be exposed to the metaphorical daylight of truth. It is a nonviolent movement, and does NOT use retrieved documents for monetary gain. Its achievements in the past include aiding the democratic movements of the Arab Spring; exposing the fact that Strategic Forecasting Inc. (StratFor) had been attempting to falsely link campaign-finance-reform group "US Day of Rage" to Islamic terrorist groups; targeting institutions accused of homophobia; helping the homeless during the winter months on both sides of the equator (OpSafeWinter); and even exposing a rapist in Steubenville, KY. Jeremy Hammond, an Anonymous hacker associated with the hugely significant StratFor leak, is currently facing 10 years in prison for his whistle-blowing. Deric Lostutter, the Steubenville hacker, is also facing ten year in a completely separate case.

Here's the link to today's story about GCHQ launching cyber-attacks against Anonymous:

Here's some information on Jeremy Hammond and the Stratfor leak; which revealed large-scale corporate-state infiltration into activist groups, as well as the attempted use of anti-terror laws against dissidents:


New leaks from Snowden, cross-referenced with information from drone-whistleblower Brandon Bryant, confirm that the NSA has been using its spying infrastructure to provide unreliable signals intelligence (SIGINT) to the C.I.A. and J.S.O.C. which is later used for targeted political assassinations, especially in Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan. Read the full story below