all hail the stem cell!

by sophiaroseglt on February 4, 2014 - 11:03am

After reading the article Scientists Hail Breakthrough in Embryonic-Like Stem Cells where Kate Kelland explained how a new discovery in the stem cell research which are any living organism’s master cell could revolutionized how the population see the research industry. The new method permits scientists to grow stem cells by putting skin or blood cells under stress such as trauma, low oxygen levels or acidic environments.  When under the stressful environment for 30 days they had returned to a primitive state which could resemble stem cells. Although it is still unclear how the process works because we put our bodies through trauma just like in the experiment but experts are assured that it will revolutionized modern medicine. Unfortunately the new method has not yet been tested on man but only on animals. Therefore researchers are still unsure of how the process will react to the human cells. But even if the possibilities of all the different results are endless scientists are confident the human cells will react like the animal cells and that we will enter a new era of stem cell research.

                The new methods could solve an unresolved ethical dilemma that has been going in since the beginning of the stem cell research where embryonic cells were used to recreated personalized medical tissues. If the cells that are used to save lives doesn’t need to be the cells of dead fetuses any more than why wouldn’t we found this new form of research? The main argument that was at the core of the stem cell debate was because prolife supporters did not believe it was right to use a person as a mean to an end. Whereas on the other side of the debate the basic moral claim was that all actions must be taken with the consideration of the greatest good for all. Both sides have fundamental values that explain why they both reason like they do. The two confronting values are sanctity of life vs heath.

                I believe that the stem cell debate is preventing researchers from discovering new findings that could save more lives every day. Due to the dispute over the rightfulness of the research that lasted many years health specialists lacked much needed funding that could have had help the research progress much faster. Therefore I believe stem cell research should be not only well funded but promoted as a futuristic medicinal alternative. Consequently I believe in sanctity of life but even more in the greater good and heath. I do not believe that by encouraging stem cell research we are playing god and giving ourselves the power to choose who lives and who dies but rather we are giving ourselves all the tools needed to survive as a society.

                Should stem cell research be more funded now that it is more ethically acceptable? And do you think it would phoney for the government to have denied funding at the beginning but when they discover a new way that will bring a new era upon us we rush to give them help?