Is it Ethically and Morally right to test on animals for the benefits of humans?

by hasina_gn on February 7, 2014 - 6:14pm

Is it ethically and morally right to test on animals for the benefits of humans?
This article “anima testing is cruel and immoral regardless of the benefits associated with it” is about testing on animals for medical experiments. The author argues, using animal for the benefits of humans is unethical, and he brings up the values of equality that all living beings should be equal. Thus, he supports the idea of Peter Singer who is a bioethics professor at the University of Princeton said that, the most important similarity between human and animal is that they feel pain and suffer like humans do. So the author continues, since the animals feel pain and suffer we should not ignore this simply because they are not from our species. He also notes that, humans are taking advantage of their superiority over animals, because most of the time the experimentations are done in such unethical ways. He refers to the experiment on 150 baboons that was done very unethical at the University of Pennsylvania. Apart from medical research animals are also abused by food companies ,for the fact that they are raised by improper diet in tiny places that they are not able to  move themselves .As he continues, the experimentations are always done hidden, since this is a legal practice it should be done openly that everyone can see. The author claims that, the values of fairness, compassion and justice of animals are abused, for the fact that they are speechless and cannot express themselves On the  other hand , researchers argues that, human life is essential, and saving human life is more important than animals. They defend the value of security of humans, therefore, testing on animals will able them to make safe drugs to save humans lives. In addition, researchers argue that, animals do not feel the same level of pain as humans do. On the other hand, the author denies this fact and argues, since humans and animal have the similar nervous system than they must be feeling the same level of pain.
However, I agree with the author’s point of view, that testing on animals is ethically wrong. Since animals can feel pain and have desires like we do, than we have no authority to kill them or use them for our own benefits and desires. Also, for the sake of sake of equality of all living creatures, I think it is a morally wrong act. it has become very common that cosmetic companies do their testing on animals which I think is unnecessary and useless. Finally for the food purposes, we can get our nutrients from fruits and vegetables that are available for us. So, is it ethical to kill an animal for human’s benefits?
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I agree with you to some extant; Animal testing is not completely wrong.
Imagine we were to find a drug that would cure cancer, which is dangerous for humans and the rest of animals.
It would be wrong not to release it because we could not test it and refine it on animals. Even though they might feel pain, we feel a large amount of pain when we suffer from cancer; for example. It would lead to a greater amount of overall happiness, and I rely on values of wisdom and life; which this practice cultivates. The conditions the testing are being conduct in should be improved, and testing for cosmetics or useless consumer products should be avoided, as it is non-sense and goes against justice.
As for the usage of animals for food, I believe it is completely right. As we see in our biology courses, humans need meat as we are carnivores. We are healthier with animals on our diets; like many other species on this planet. We are more intelligent and are more strong as a society than animals, and that is why we sit on top of the food chain. This is simple natural competition, I believe.

So the reason i chose this topic was because the title intrigued me. So as i was reading this article and I see where the author is coming from in the sense that yes it is wrong in some senses to use another being for our well being. If you look at it his way we never would have found many of the cures that we have come up with today. The reason being is that not many human beings want to become "guinea pigs" so to speak and have random tests done to them. I myself am an animal lover but how i see it is we need them to survive and cure things such as cancer. I am not saying this is the right thing to do but what i am saying is that its the only thing that we can do to help yourself. All in all i do believe that we should do animal testing for medical purposed but not for hair products Should we test out cures on humans or animals?

For my Assignment, I decided to comment on your post because it addresses a very uncommon topic and also because I completely disagree with your thesis. Using animals for scientific experiments has always been an acceptable practice that rarely created moral conflicts. The sole purpose of animals is to serve humanity. Human life prevails on everything else. You might think I am a cruel person. However I prefer to kill a rat by testing a new cancer treatment than seeing my future daughter dying of this terrible disease. Modern medicine is a primordial science that requires animal experiments for testing new drugs and discovering new revolutionary treatments. In the future, we should allow these tests for the benefit of those we love. As a society, we should let the scientists and doctors do their job and turn our attention on more important ethical issues as racial and gender discrimination. We have more noble responsibilities for our children that for the animals. We should focus on them and build a better and a more safer world for our children.

I think your summary is good and I can see the two sides of this debate. I agree with you that all lives should have the same worth, whether it is a human or an animal life, even more if they feel the pain. By making test on animals and making them suffer, living in poor conditions, is really an egoist act committed by humans, because they think that human life should be more valued that animal life. It's the golden rule: don't do to others what you don't want others what you wouldn't want done to yourself". I'm not saying that you should not harm a plant only because it's alive, but someone or something that has emotions and feel the pain should not be harm.

Hi, I decided to comment on your post because I love animals and I had animals since I was a kid. I also disagree with your point of view, because yes its true animals are very close to humans, they are beautiful and much more. However, Human beings need to survive and fight all the diseases out there and to accomplish this we need to test our medicine on a human or on someone that genetically resemble to a human. I personally do not think a lot of person will volunteer to try any new medicine that was not tested before and that can cause death. Would you as a human being, be ready to test the medicine and have a chance to die?

Hello, I wanted to post on this in order for you to understand why we should test on animals. I personally believe that humans are far superior beings then animals, we have a wider range of emotions, and our intelligence is unrivalled. Furthermore, by testing on a small group of animals, we can benefit millions of people around the world. Through a act-utilitarianism view, this would be the proper course of action. Although we are using animals as a means to an end, we can benefit as a race. Also, by testing on animals it can help prevent the spread of diseases which can effect all animals as well. So in this sense many different animal races, including us humans, can reap the benefits of what science has to offer us through some living beings.

I agree completely with your position on the subject, and I think your article was well-written. You emphasized some very important points, such as how the animals are treated while being tested and their living conditions including the food they are given. I agree that humans should not take advantage of their superiority that way since it is so cruel for animals, and as you said if it was done correctly they would not hide it since it is supposed to be a legal practice. If you would like to get more involved in the cause, there are many great volunteer opportunities related to the protection of animal rights near Montreal, one of which is the Animal Rescue Network and if you are fifteen years and older you can volunteer in their organization, which is the largest no-kill animal shelter in Montreal. Here is a link to their website if you were interested to contact them:

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