assisted suicide

by MiyaT on February 4, 2014 - 10:06pm

Assisted Suicide

The article “ La mort de Susan Griffiths relance le débat sur le suicide assisté “ is about Susan Griffiths, a lady of 72 years old, who was suffering of a degenerative disease. This disease, named “atrophie multisystématisée“ was incurable and was causing a lot of pain because it slowly destroyed her body.  Susan started a big public debate when she started fighting for the right to die with dignity.  In other words, dying in dignity means to have access to assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is illegal in Canada and many other countries, so Susan has to go to Switzerland where assisted suicide is legal, to die. The 2007’s Federal Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson, refused to reopen the debate because assisted suicide was and is still controversial. Many people such as Arthur Schafer, who is an ethical teacher at University of Manitoba, thinks that assisted suicide is prohibited, and it is against the individual freedom. The positions on assisted suicide varies depending on beliefs or values of individuals.

The question that is raised by this debate is: Does sick people should have the right to decided if they want to die or not?  The reason why people are for an assisted suicide is because they are convinced that anyone should have the freedom to decided for themselves. The reason why people are against is because the line between assisted suicide and murder is really thin. Also, a common perception is that assisted suicide  could be use wrongly just to get ride of a person.  The moral claims for the person in favour are “ always act in your own best interest” and “everybody’s interests should have equal consideration”.  The moral claims for the person against are ‘’it is always wrong to act in any way that will harm another person’’ and ‘’ A human life has fundamental moral worth’’.

In my opinion, people who have to live with a serious illness and intolerable pain should have the right to obtain medical assistance to end their life. If they have the mental capacity to take this decision and if the family has the same position, the law should allow them to decide. Plus, even if the person has a life expectancy of a few years, she will suffer excruciating pain and  the years ahead will be difficult to live, death might be seen as a solution. The family of the ill person will suffer too because they will see how llfe is difficult and painful.  Suicide is not illegal; I do not see why assisted suicide should be illegal.  Should the debate be re-open? 


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To begin with, this article picked my curiosity because I have never looked further into this debate. Also, I have never thought of my position on euthanasia. I believe it is a really delicate subject because both sides have good arguments and defend moral claims that I believe are very important. I have to say that I agree with you, after all, we are the artists of our own lives. If someone is going through atrocious pain and knows that they are going to die, they should be able to decide to put an end to it. Of course if it would be legalized, in the case where someone would want to use euthanasia, it would be necessary to be 100% guaranty that this person has no chance to make it in a close future. Limitations are to be discussed. One side of this debate argues that we should act in our own best interest when the other side values the importance of life. The big question here is, has there been enough requests for it to be considered legalized?

You are right, we are the artists of our own lives and I think that we should have the choice to decide to live our not. Also, it is hard for the family to see a loved one going through atrocious pain and knowing that the solution could be answer your question, I think that the euthanasia needed more research and studies before thinking of is legalization. I agree with you both side have good arguments, this is why the subject need more research or case.

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