American support to Israel

by Lucien on February 4, 2014 - 1:06pm

Hi everyone, here is a post about if United-States should support Israel in its war against Palestine and terrorism.

Summary of the article

-In the article ‘’Point: The US Should Support an Israeli State in the Middle East’’ the author Micah Issitt argues that United-State should support Israel in the name of global security and the war against terrorism. The authors starts with a historical background of the conflict between Palestine and Israel and then finish with the advantages of supporting Israel in its war against Palestine.

-The conflict between both countries started when a movement called zionism started. The goal of this movement was to establish a state which will unify Jews and for religious reasons they wanted the region that they call ‘’The land of Israel’’ (Issitt). After the Holocaust many Jews were deported to this region and in 1948 the state of Israel was created. The creation of Israel triggered a war between the Jews in Israel and the Arab-league composed by Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq (Issitt). Then throughout conflicts Israel expanded its territory to a part of the Gaza Stip, Syria and Jerusalem. Then when the Islamic cells started their terrorist attacks, Israel had developed a counterterrorism initiative. (Issitt)

-The arguments of the author to favour the support of the United-State are that historically speaking Israel deserves to belong to the Jews because they were here before Palestinians (Issitt). Then by protecting Israel, the U.S will defend democracy because Israel is surrounded by absolute monarchy in the middle east and if Israel get destroyed it might become a territory ruled under a monarchy (Issitt). Finally, Israel is geographically well positioned to get informations for fighting terrorism therefore the support of the U.S will improve the war against terrorism (Issitt).

My opinion

-The two moral claims here are:supporting a country in war to enhance security against terrorism but by supporting Israel there will eventually have an impact on the lives of Palestinians citizens. Or not being involved in this war but let terrorism grow faster or at least not trying to stop it across their borders. Which could lead to an international instability. So, United-State has to deal with those two values; international security or the security of the Palestinian civilians.

-In my opinion, United-State should support Israel in its conflict against Palestine. Because many terrorist cells are in Palestine and terrorism is not something that we should allow. Because terrorism is committed by civilians who are manipulated by leaders to explode themselves and kill much civilians ah possible from their enemies. Therefore it is hard to fight terrorism without involving civilians. But if we do not do anything about that, there will be more civilians ‘’on our side’’ to suffer from terrorism. Therefore, the best choice is to save more people as possible by supporting Israel and it is in our best interest to protect our civilians rather than the Palestinian civilians. I am not saying that it is okay that palestinian civilians suffers from this war but here the choice is either ‘’us’’ or ‘’them’’ . So here we come to a question: What does worth more ? An american civilian or a Palestinian one ?

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I think that United-state should support Israel in its conflict against Palestine if it is doing in the right way. if United-state help Israel by giving them gun or things like that, it will not be a good help. They should helping them to makes peace with the Palestine. I agree with you, terrorism is very dangerous and it is unacceptable to involve civilian in this war. To answer your question, I think that a life is a life. it does not matter which side you are , your life have the same value and not one should be killed. Even if you are American civilian or Palestinian , you life is important and you have the right to live. I think that no of them worth more or less.