Your Taste, Your Choice

by jodybelly on September 23, 2015 - 10:01pm

Whenever you’re going shopping, you can observe that everything is broken down into two big sections: the male section and the female section. The difference is more striking in children clothes shops: you have blue coloured items for boys and pink and glittery items for girls. Some mothers are tired and want to break free of gender stereotypes so they founded #ClothesWithoutLimits.


The mothers do not want their children to have limited clothing options because it acts as a barrier for self-expression. Ten mothers all across the U.S. have started individual companies and united together to promote this campaign. When children can be themselves without having to adapt to society’s “norms”, this is where, clothing wise, this campaign would have succeeded.


In this article, I did not like the way the author separated the claim from the quotation many times and including a picture in between. It got me confused and I had to reread the article several times. Aside from that, I strongly think that clothing stereotypes should be demolished for good, because interests varies from one child to another, no one is the same, therefore no one dresses the same. Every child wants to show his or her true colours to the world freely, without having to satisfy our society’s “criterias”. This is where their confidence builds up and with that self-confidence they can achieve their life goals, for example, their career goals.


Hi Jody,
I share your opinion about the complexity of the reading due to the separations made with images. The writer of the article should definitely modify that. Also, I see that you are an active informer of the sexism that lives in our modern society (I read your other article about women's place in football) and I like your devotion and your open-mindedness. Aside from that, your argumentation is well built as I can clearly recognize the issue, the arguments and the conclusion. Finally, you should go read this article ( ) which talks about the campaign's objectives and main believes. Peace!