Women and body dissatisfaction

by kayLachapelle on November 5, 2015 - 11:39pm

Everyday women are pressured to fit in the thin and beautiful body of beauty. Every woman wants to look the way society wants her to look like. No one likes disappointment. These researchers believe that body complexions come from the environment and social influences women are put through everyday. Media however is the most persuasive and powerful influence. In fact, some fashion and beauty magazines have been accused of showing only thin and fit women and by refusing to show a variety of different body types they are way far from the normal norms.

Women are also being reprimanded and being shown through media and publicity what is considered the ideal weight or perfect body in the society. This leads to young girls and women to never be satisfied with their body and their image. Many negative factors are then added to this, creating a big cycle or never ending disappointments.

One experience was done by two Specialists trying to determine how women and self-objectification is linked. In the study, 90 women from the ages of 18 to 35 were given a magazine with a page with a perfect thin women, another one with a perfect thing women and a handsome men, and finally a page with no people. They concluded that the women who looked at the 2 first pages were demonstrating a greater dissatisfaction with their body in terms of weight, looks and more. This proves that women don’t need to be talked about their own body and that simply by looking at an advertisement causes them to think about their own dissatisfaction.

This articles explains as well how advertisements and how women perceives their body to be strongly linked. It was proven that women who tend to look at images in magazines of thin and beautiful women tend to have strong dissatisfaction of their image compared to women who would look at images of women of average sizes.

To conclude these researchers experiment, they concluded that it is normal that a woman will always feel complexed about her body and self-esteems because everywhere we look or everywhere we go, there will always be advertisements of perfect thin looking women. Unfortunately, until the media keeps putting these images, some women will continue to experience some mental disorders, eating disorders, depression and much more. It is up to the media to stop imposing these images on the society and to stop putting all this pressure on women.




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Hi not to be mean or anything, it looks like this person is having a personality disorder that fits the DSM IV criteria in the mental health book. These women can feel that way because they are being criticized by others and are very paranoid about themselves. Some os these women may fit the DSM criteria and you can check with the link that i put below. Everyone is capable of having a mental disorder its the quiet and normal people you have to watch out for because it is harder to notice or to diagnose it. The faster you catch the mental health disorder the easier it is to cure from treatments in the early stages. If you have signs and fits the criteria down below i suggest that you talk to your doctor who may give you information of a mental health doctor or organization that can help. Talk to your doctor.


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