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Whenever I see people with their electronic devices in their hands texting their friends and chatting with them, I always asked myself this question: is texting really necessary in our daily lives? In brief, texting can quite be an issue, when socializing with our friends, for many reasons. An example needed? When you text, you might be worried about how long it takes your friend to properly respond to your previous message, since your friend might be busy (that's one of the cases, but there are many others). Another example of situation? For students, texting is one of the main sources why they fail in writing exams (for more information about the relationship between writing and texting, check this link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/how-texting-is-putti...).

Texting can have its uses, but to me, it is a complete waste of time and money. A phone call is a better option than texting, because you can at least know how the other person is feeling about you saying or expressing your thoughts. A phone call feels more dynamic and fun compared to just texting. If you text, other than clue words that help you guess, you can’t really know if the person is busy or not. Also, some people tend to lose their social skills because people with cell phones tend to text more than to actually talk, which can really hurt people's communication abilities. Finally, when we text to someone, we tend to write less than what we usually do because we want to send a message quickly to that person. This causes that we write abbreviations of a word and sometimes not even write a full complete sentence. This can be really problematic for students since it can affect their writing abilities when it comes to writing exams. It's just better in my opinion to socialize with others than just texting, since we feel like robots when chatting by text messages.


Link to article: http://www.succeedsocially.com/texting


I honestly couldn’t agree more with you. Not only do teenagers and adults lose their communication skill but when they need to face real life situation, they have trouble interacting with others. Unfortunately, we live in a society who mainly focuses on technologies and phones and in a way I believe texting breaks the meaning of “communication.” Not only are phones expensive, but also they cause negative effects on our health. The radiation coming from our phones can cause serious health issues like affecting our sight and brain. (More detail on, http://qualitywritingsonline.expertscolumn.com/article/negative-effects-...) Texting often can lead to misinterpretation because the person can often misinterpret what you are trying to say which often can lead into problems. I also agree with you that calling the person is much more efficient and better. First of all, it eliminated the chances of misinterpretation and saves time and energy since by talking you go straight up to the point and doesn’t have a negative impact on our communicating skills.

Link: http://qualitywritingsonline.expertscolumn.com/article/negative-effects-...

I had the same the thought like you before! Until now I still say texting could be an issue, because I did see some people don't know when they should use it, (I mean they texting in the wrong time, wrong place). In 21st century, I know many teenagers have their own phone, the age of the user of much smaller than ten years before. For example, many students texting during their teacher speak, when other people is talking to you, and you just concentrate on texting to your friends etc. on those moments, in think they should texting. It will divert the student's attention or make the speaker think you don't give enough respect to him. I had the plan which is only included calling with my phone before, but when I get into the college, I realized I need to change my phone plan, because I want to use the texting service. Mostly of my friends' phone can texting and they tried to send me message after they got my number but I can't receive any messages. So I want to have more social life, have more contact with my friends because sometimes you just make new friends and you want to make a closer friendship. But if you call them, you won't have a long and good conversation or you just want to ask them a small question something, it will be discomfort for many people. In the other side, when we don't have to good moment to talk on the phone, but you want to ask your friend something or give him or her a message, texting is a way. Personally I will ask myself not to texting while the teaching is speaking, Try to use less texting in the inappropriate moment.

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