Sport and Education

by will.courchesne on November 2, 2015 - 5:30pm

We often hear about how sport can help the students with studying. Sometimes, a tip you will hear is when studying, after a certain time, you should take a break and go do some physical activity to free your mind. In fact, it has been proven by researchers that sport and education work well together. But it seems like institutions think in another way since sports in school are less and less present. Written by Jay P. Greene and Daniel H. Bowen, this article from the New York Times talks about the advantages of insetting sports in the academic program of the students.

This article starts whit the fact that studies have shown that schools that offer more sports and competitive sport teams end up with a higher ratio of graduating students and higher scores on test. Also, students that are more implicated in sports during high school tend to have more success in school and in later life. Playing sports, like being part of the school band or the debate team, increase self-discipline and leadership skills. But why are their people that think that sports in schools ain't a good thing? Well, most of the critics refer to some specific cases of a student priorising sport instead of school. Another theorie of why sports shouldn't be as much present in schools is that successful countries like Finland and South Korea do not offer physical activites in schools, they only concentrate on the academical part. This is true, but we have to see it from the opposite point of view. What about the poor countries that don't offer sports in their schools? There is no reason to believe that the lack of sport programs is the cause of the success of the students in Finland and in South Korea. In summary, academic institutions should not cut in sports or any other social activity becasue it develops some skills that a class of mathematics is not necessary able to.

After reading this article from the New York Times, I found very interesting the link that was made between sport and education. In fact, personally, I used to take some breaks during my studying to go do some physical activities and it used to help me! I wasn't surprise when I learned that schools that offer more sport programs and sport teams have more successful students. Maybe schools should stop cutting sport programs and invest more money in them instead...


Hi I am a current student at Dawson College, and for an assignment we are asked to comment on a post. My corrections are for assignment purposes and I do respect your opinion.
I'll start of by saying that I do like the points you brought up and I agree with you. Physical activity is extremely important for the body and mind, and I back up your point "sports increase self-discipline and leadership". I've been doing sports since I was 3 years old, and I have learned a lot about it. Being in a sports program is a huge motivation as well, because if they don't keep their grades off they will simply be kicked off the team they are in.
However, many kids don't take it seriously. Especially kids in high school think that it is somewhat 'cool' to be a jock which causes their grades to go down. This happens to kids, and unfortunately it can cause other problems for them. One of them being; creating the stress of keeping their grades up just so they can stay in the program, which can affect their performance in the sport they practice as well. This can cause the individual to feel pessimistic about their future if their Plan A was to be successful in the 'Sport-Études program'.
It's also unfortunate that they don't offer many sports. For example, I do synchronized skating which is not offered in any schools in Montreal as a sports program.

I agree with your opinion because all the other articles I have read give me the same answer which is the same as yours. What I can add too your summary is that it can also be beneficial to children to play sports to learn other things that do not directly coincide with school such as motor skills and life skills. It teaches children to be able to do many things that are very important to society such as following rules because its gets them used following rules any environment and being able to live in a society. It also teaches them many other things such as respect for others which is also very important for your whole life having respect is crucial for almost everything you do. A very good point that I think you brought up that was mentioned in many other articles is that sports help teach children to want to succeed and win and to try hard for what they want which is win and in school which is perform well.

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