Separation of the Powers

by zachariecouture on September 24, 2015 - 11:51pm

As I must admit, Champlain is a very intimate school. However, we should stay in contact with the different scholastic debates (like the strike, for instance) that take place in the other institutions of the region. And even more when these conflicts touch our own establishment.

Champlain Regional College is separated in three distinct sites in very different locations of the province. Obviously, with different environments come different needs and desires. As a result, many teachers, directors, counselors and engaged students are started to think that now should be the time to “break free from Champlain’s central administration”. Indeed, the main motif of this division is the economic benefit that this would offer. Indeed, because the CRG is treated as one CEGEP, all the governmental subventions must be divided between the three campuses.

Firstly, the article of Montreal Gazette is very well complete as we find many arguments coming from both sides of the conflicts. The journalist also quotes many different authorities which add a lot of seriousness and credibility to his argument. Secondly, according to the different ideas diverging in that work, I tend to agree with the separatist party. The augmentation of the grants would help greatly our aging school.