Real Talk About Fat Shaming

by lisamajor on September 13, 2015 - 5:25pm

Just a few weeks ago, youtuber Nicole Arbour posted a video that quickly went viral, called “Dear Fat People”. In the video, she claims that fat shaming is just something invented by people who are overweight. She made multiple rude jokes and went overboard, as comedians do. Most people responded negatively to her video and just didn’t see her jokes as funny. Through all the yelling, rudeness, and useless stories, I do think she has a point.

She said what many people are too afraid to say, that people who are overweight should not be told its okay. There are so many campaigns and videos out there talking about how everyone should love their bodies as they are. Now, there’s a new trend where people who have unhealthy weights are saying that they love themselves how they are and aren’t going to change. That shouldn’t be the purpose of those campaigns. No matter how confident you are in your 500 pound body, that’s not going to stop you from having heart and joint problems. People should be encouraged to love themselves and be healthy at the same time.

Another issue is as we are building up being curvy and confident to please all the people who claim to be fat shamed; we are causing the thinner people to feel ashamed of their bodies. There should be no encouragement of either side, just being a happy, healthy you.



Hi there! I would just like to start off by mentioning that your post has instantly caught my eye because of the fact that you have picked a very interesting topic to talk about. Some of my personal suggestions are below. (Don't take anything that I say personally)
- The title is decent but it wouldn't hurt to make it more captivating by maybe hinting at the position that you take in the conflict.
- Excellent job on describing the topic at hand as well as taking sides within the dispute.
- "we are causing the thinner people to feel ashamed of their bodies." This is a very interesting argument and I feel like you could have possibly addressed and developed it a little more.
- Finally, I would like to add that I agree with what you said regarding that we should not tell white lies because it is our duty to ensure the comfort, good health and happiness of people. This is based on Utilitarianism, which is the theory that the best moral action is the one that ensures people's well-being. If you would like to learn more about it, feel free to check out this link .
Overall, I believe that your post is a solid 8/10!

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