Quebec school affected by strike, again…

by will.courchesne on September 17, 2015 - 9:54pm

These days in the province of Quebec, the subject of strike and schools is something students and teachers just can’t ignore. In fact, certain schools have already been affected by the issue happening between the government and the teachers. From my personal point of view, as a student of Champlain College in St-Lambert, I might be affected since I’ve learned from an external source (that I won’t name for privacy) that 68% of Champlain’s teachers have voted in favour of a 6 day strike, if necessary. This article explains the situation of schools in the region of Montreal concerning the strike that is happening.

This article explains, without going into too many details, what’s going on with the strike in schools that’s happening in Quebec. On last Tuesday, 86% of the teachers of the Riverside School Board have voted in favour of a 6 day strike. Riverside School Board represents 25 schools and about 850 teachers on the south shore of Montreal. At the same moment, the Fédération autonome de l’enseignement (FAE), a union for teachers in french institutions, announced that 34,000 of its members would be on strike on September 30 2015. That strike day will affect 275 000 students in 10 Montreal area school boards.

I personally choose this article because I might be affected by the strike that’s going on. I don’t see it as some vacations because classes will be condensed at will go faster. I think the government of Quebec should stop asking the teachers to do more with less and it should try to come to an agreement with them.


I really agree with you. I also agree that the government should make an agreement with teachers so that the students are not being penalized. Being on strike will affect many students from all schools across Quebec and I really hope that they will think of a solution in order for us to not be affected too much.


I really think that strikes are a good thing. Even if they penalize students, they are necessary to protest against Quebec government's austerity policies. I know some students do not care about austerity but if the majority vote for the strike than there should be a strike. That is our society works.


I think, that the teachers have to defend their points. I agree with you when you are saying that it’s deprives us from school days and i twill be condense. But I think that the teachers deserve a good salary. They study hard and take a place in this job (It’s hard). Maybe if they have better salary they will takes more times for us the students and make them love more their jobs.