A new upcoming threat to the Samsung Galaxy S series

by hovogas on September 10, 2015 - 10:49pm

Today early morning, The Apple Inc. announced their new phones, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. This, I think, has become a major threat to the Samsung Galaxy S series, since it has many upgrades and some new, very cool, features. They also announced a bigger iPad and an upgraded Apple TV with a new operating system called tvOS. I have been waiting a lot, as a lot of you have, to see the new features the new phone will have and its price as well. That’s why I find this article very satisfying.

                So, as it was expected, our new Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus has arrived today, on the 9th of September, and will go to sale on Sept. 25, with advance orders starting this Saturday. It has some major improvements on its front and back camera. The back camera on iPhone 6s as well as on iPhone 6s plus will increase to 12 megapixel. The front camera will have a resolution of 5 megapixels, matching the new Samsung Galaxy S6 front camera. Its video recording will also be improved to 4k resolution. They will be made of a stronger aluminium and will have a new feature called 3D Touch: pressing down hard on your iPhone will unlock new functions. “For example, you can get quick access to tasks such as taking a selfie or getting directions home. From a message, 3D Touch will give you a preview of a Web link without launching the browser.” The price for this new smartphone will be $899 for the iPhone 6s and $1029 for the iPhone 6s Plus. There is also a new, super-sized iPad with 12.9 inch display which is around 1.8 times faster than its predecessors. The new Apple pencil and the new Apple Watch operating system called Watch OS 2 have some cool abilities as well to look forward. The new Apple TV has also a new function (called Siri microphone) which allows to give voice commands, search movies or shows on available apps, games, etc. Apple’s new TV set-top box will cost $149 US and will be available in the next month.

                To conclude, It’s true that this article does not give all the details about the new apple technologies, for example, the resolution, the display size of the new iPhone or iPad, but I still find this article quite interesting, because it answers the major questions I have been asking myself for a long time: what will be the price of the new iPhone and what improvements will it have? I have never heard of a new iPad coming, but now I’m quite excited to know more about these items. Overall, this article has more an informative style, which comes from the official introduction announcement of Apple in San Francisco, this morning. Therefore, it is reliable.

                Link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/apple-event-1.3220522


I actually disagree with you. I do not think the new IPhones are a threat to Samsung’s Galaxy S series. I was waiting for a month to see what new improvements Apple would bring to their phones. I am disappointed as the improvements are not as huge as I believed they would be, because of this I decide to but the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (what a mouthful!). I have been extremely satisfied with it. The camera is much better than the IPhone camera, it has 4GB of ram instead of the 2GB in the IPhone and much more. The IPad Pro is an insult to consumers because it is an IPad on steroids for the price of a MacBook. The Apple Pencil even more of an insult as the stylus is a product that can be bought for 16$ on Amazon. However, I will definitely buy the new Apple TV, as it has some great new features like Siri integration, gaming and finally a YouTube app. But overall, I think Tim Cook and company are running out of ideas and are trying to milk the most money out of the consumer’s hands as possible.