The New Human: The Homo Naledi

by harry98 on September 10, 2015 - 10:29pm

You have most likely heard about our ancestors, the Homo erectus and the Homo neanderthalensis. Well now say hello to the new members of the Homo family: the Homo naledi.


Professor Lee Berger and his team made a history altering discovery recently. They discovered a new type of human remains in South Africa. They have found 15 “partial skeletons” of both sexes and of many ages. Prof Berger says the Homo naledi might be the missing link between our more primitive ancestors and modern humans.


This new type of human had smaller gorilla like brains and smaller child like feet and hands. Also, because of the discovery of these fossils, scientists are now debating what is the definition of being “human”.


Finally, theses fossils were found in small cave, which suggests that our newly discovered ancestors were capable of having rituals.



I believe this is an interesting new discovery that can answer help us better understand where we come from. This might also give us some new insight on what defines humans and what differs between humans and monkeys.      




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