More Trouble for Patrick Kane

by harry98 on September 24, 2015 - 11:31pm

If you haven’t already, “Kaner” is being accused of rape by woman near his home town of Buffalo, New York. The woman alleges that the Chicago Blackhawks forward met her in a bar and then took her to his home. The unnamed woman then left Patrick Kane’s home and went straight to the hospital with a friend.


Earlier this week, reports came out that the DNA test results came back negative. That means no trace of Kane’s DNA was found in the woman’s genital area. However, this does not confirm his innocence.



Matters got worse for Patrick Kane on Wednesday, September 23, as the victim’s attorney held a press conference in the morning to announce that somebody got hold of the DNA test kit. He says the kit was tampered with before being sent to the victim’s mother’s home. Attorney Thomas Eoannou is demanding answers from the authorities on how this piece of evidence got into somebody’s hands. He is also asking for private investigation to be done.


Things do not seem to be getting better for the defending two time Stanley Cup Champion who reported to training camp with the Blackhawks last week. Kane has not been charged and there are reports the two sides of this case trying to work out an out of court settlement.



I believe this is an extremely sensitive situation that keeps getting worse for the NHL superstar. He does have a history with the law but nothing this extreme. People are jumping to conclusions while I believe we should hold our thoughts till after a full report on the case is submitted. If these allegations turn out to be true the image of professional athletes will just keep on getting worse and even if he is proven innocent, he has caused and enormous amount of damage to the National Hockey League and himself.        









The woman's attorney annouced Thursday, September 24th evening, that he is dropping the case after his client revieled some new information to him.