Money Can't Buy You Respect, but Still...

by zachariecouture on September 17, 2015 - 10:13pm

Money buys you power, and power buys you respect? That’s not exactly how it works unfortunately for all of you who think you got it all figured out. However, we shouldn’t fall such on the defensive every time a VIP offers funds to an organism.

Last week, P.K. Subban, the famous defenceman of the Montreal Canadians, decided to give a $10 million donation to the Montreal Children’s Hospital. His reasons? P.K. believes now is the time for the people to discover his real identity; a man who offers more than he receives, but it’s mainly about ‘’giving back to the community and feel privileged to be able to help transform the lives of sick children and their families’’, said the defenceman to CTV News. As a matter of fact, his valorous act earned him a commemorative public space: the ‘’Atrium P.K. Subban.’’

Even though I have a lot of respect for the CH’s #76, I’ve found very interesting how a man’s character will always reflect on his action. In the article, they related his talking of how his donation was "significant and bigger than any other athlete in Canada has ever done.’’ He has always been encouraged by very altruist people in his relatives, but Subban will never be able to hide his competitive spirit… he is an athlete and professional athletes would do anything to win.

In conclusion, I have no doubt that Subban is a very generous and kind man, but we can’t hide our true selves, even if you’re a popular athlete earning more than $10 million dollars a year.




Hey Zach,
I found very interesting the connection you made between the donation of P. K. Subban to the Montreal Children Hospital and his competitive mind. I totally agree wiht you, I also think that there are second thoughts hidding behind his act of valor. I guess most people will never make that connection and will always see him as the new hero for montreal childrens' but we have to admit, my good friend, that he still did something great. You should look at these short clips from the Montreal Gazette where we can see him palying with sick childrens.

Here you go:

Great article by the way!

I agree with you when you say that he is competitive. But, isn't being competitive a caracter trait of every athlete? Beside, being competitive isn't always a bad thing. It can help you to give the best of yourself day after day. Also, I think that P.K. saw a great modal in Jean Béliveau and that helped him becoming a greater man. He doesn't need to buy some respect. Even before is generous donation to the Montreal Children Hospital, he was respected as a man and as a player.

Great article!

Money can't buy respect... I agree. In my opinion there's different way to see it. Let's come back on that example about P.K. Subban. Sure he is an athlete and yes he is making a lot of money. But that's not all of it, P.K. promised a $10 million donation which is over what he will be making during the upcoming season. At the end of the article you were talking about ''athlete earning more than $10 million dollars a year''. However this is not the case of Subban. The CH’s #76 will be making $7million next season. That's what I would consider has respectful. P.K. gave a considerable amount of money for him to an organisation that means something to him. To me it would be has respectful as someone that has $100 and donates $80. It is still a big amount that means a lot.

But you know that's just the way I see. After all you're maybe right.