The King is Back

by will.courchesne on September 9, 2015 - 8:17pm

You surely have already heard about Henrik Harlaut ( you may know him as E-Dollo ), haven't you? You know, that professional freeskier from Sweden with long dreadlocks and who's always smiling? The same guy who won 2014 X games ski big air competiton with the first nose butter triple corks ever landed. Well, he broke his collarbone this winter ( in case you didin't knew ) but guess what, he's back on his skis. I found that Q & A with E-Dollo article on and as you'll be able to read, freeskiers should prepare themselves for the big winter that's coming up!

THACHER STONE, writter for, had the chance to talk on the phone with Henrik while he was in Argentina and to ask him a couple of questions! E-Dollo made the point on his injury ( broken collarbone ) and it seems like he's all right! He personally said that he has never felt better than today. In this article, he also gives all the details about his new sponsor Slytech Protection. We should see some big improvements on Slytech back protectors since Henrik said he had some great ideas on how to make it look cooler. Finally, seems like the 2016 B&E Invitational is going to be bigger than last year. The contest will be held on March 11-12, 2016, and E-Dollo announced that everything is going to be better and bigger!

You guys should be ready for this winter since the king is back on his skis! Henrik Harlaut, one of the stylish freeskier at this moment, is back on snow and we should all be ready for big improvements in the freeskiing world this season. Freeskiers, be ready !


Hey Will,
I loved your article about Harlaut and I strongly approve your informations. Just like you I guess, I was deeply saddened not to see him ski during the end of the winter as he's a gigantic source of inspiration for all of the riders around the globe. Hopefully, I've seen that he is doing the best he can each day to train himself and stay ''in the game''. Also, I wanted to provide to you and the interested readers a video of his accident at the 2015 Big Air event, the one you talked about. Have a nice one!

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