Green Party on Healthcare

by lisamajor on October 22, 2015 - 12:00pm

The green party promises and shows involvement in the healthcare system.  They have campaigned to increase dental care coverage for children and want to invest money into the care for the elderly as our population is aging. Compared to all other federal parties, the green party shows the most interest in improving the healthcare system including family doctors, treatment in rural areas, and health research. ( The green party is also rallying behind the petition for “Junior Docs” which is to prevent budget cuts that would cause trainees to work to be paid less for longer hours.

I think the Green Party is often overlooked because they don’t have the same campaigning budget as the Federals or the NPD.  Yet, they still show some promise in a good party to have in the senate. Thought the party does not seem fit to run the country, at least having their consultation on improving healthcare and pushing for more environmentally friendly policies wouldn’t be a bad thing.



I find it interesting to compare the different parties and the promises they make. My team analyzed the Conservative Party of Canada, who also had a plan for healthcare, even if the party promised different things than the GPC. In an article from the Canadian Nurse Association, an official reprensentent of the CPC answered many questions on the healthcare issue, such as ''What will you do to provide support for informal caregivers who provide a valuable service for the health-care system?'' or ''What will you do to provide better community- and home-based healthy and active aging programs across the country?''. Among other things, I noted that the party promised to make payments through the Canada Health Transfer, transfering $40B by 2020, make enhancements to the Compassionate Care Benefits available through the Employment Insurance (EI) for Canadian families and ''introduce a new Home Accessibility Tax Credit for seniors and those with disabilities''.I think these goals seemed attainable; even if the Conservatives put a lot of emphasis on the economy, it looked possible to spend such amounts on our healthcare system.

I am glad that at least another party is thinking of improving the healthcare system because my party, which is the conservative party has not contributed that much in this area. According to this article : the conservatives are described as quiet and has not even submitted a healthcare plan on their website. It also says that the green party is the only party that brought up a full healthcare plan. I find it sad that none of the others released a plan because healthcare is crucial for our survival.

I think that the healthcare system need to be improved. I think it is great that at least one party care about it too. Especially in the Quebec where we have problems with the healthcare system such as the lack of nurses.

The Block Quebec party wants to reduce the price on medication, but there is no other information about the healthcare system.

The Liberal party and the NPD also want to reduce price on medication. It will allow poor people to have care when they are sick .

The Green party may not be the only party that suggest improvments about the healthcare system, but it has the biggest change of all. Especially the care for eldelery because the population is aging like you said.

I hope that the Green Party will defend this important but forgotten system among the other parties.

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