From Green Cities to Greenbacks

by zachariecouture on September 10, 2015 - 11:40pm

Think about $22tn, 22 trillion of dollars! That is the amount of money that would be saved, and reinvested for the good, if we would simply be ready to all take a lesson on ecological development (making it sustainable for instance) and transform step by step our municipalities into climate-smart cities. According to the economists from The Global Commission on Economy and Climate, by reorganizing our management of the wastes, by building more ecofriendly buildings and by modifying the public transport network (as long as the people use it…), we could not only accumulate a gigantic amount of money but also cut the equivalent of India’s gas emission each year.


As we now realize and accept the effects of the global warming on our daily life, don’t you think it would be the right time to reduce our ecological footprint the best we can? Aren’t you ashamed of what we’ve done to the planet? It’s never too late to act. Even if we may think that our actions don’t have any impact on a global scale, we should always continue to be responsible towards the environment. We are holding the future in our hands and it’s us to decide which ecological path we want to follow, but know that the world is starting to react more and more against the pollution. Green peace!