Bloc Québécois: Environnemental Goals

by kayLachapelle on October 22, 2015 - 9:17pm

In this year’s election, the Bloc Québécois had many ideas in order to convince the communities to vote for their political party. Their views on the environment is mostly revolving around oil and gas issues.

 The Bloc Québécois wouldn’t make the decision whether the pipelines would pass throughout the provinces. Instead, they would let the provinces decides whether the pipelines can cross their territory. They would let them decide if they accept or reject the project of Northern Gateway. However they believe that Québec laws, and environmental proceeding should apply all pipeline projects in terms of transportation in Québec. Their condition is to have the power of veto for the Government of Québec and all of the provinces in term of new hydrocarbon projects or dangerous pipeline materials as well as trains or boats, etc.

 This political party wants to reduce greenhouse gases as well as the tar sands development. They are not for any new pipeline project in the territory for exportation that includes the East Energy project.

 They would also like to reduce the climatic change. In fact, their objective is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from 80% to 95% by 2050. The Bloc Québécois asks the provinces to come up with a territorial approach to reduce the GHG gases so that the ones who pollute can make realistic reductions instead of consuming more. 

 I am not a fan of politics and don’t know much about it. However, I think the Bloc Québécois have a good objective to reduce greenhouse gases to 80 to 95% by 2050. However, I am not sure these numbers would be very realistic considering that most of the population are strong consumers of oil, gases, and more. I think it would be very interesting to see what this party could bring to our community.



I agree with you, I don’t think they will be able to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that much. In the links that you put they don’t mention a lot of issues to arrive to a lower emission of gases. When they answer to the question, they are not saying a lot about what they want to do. I would like to know more about their ideas an there issues to the problem of emission of gases. However I find their idea to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emission really interesting. It’s nice to see that the politics party care about the environment too.

The Liberal party wants to be a responsible government. To achieve that, they plan to make significant new investments in green infrastructure. They want to invest I wastewater facilities, clean energy, climate resilient infrastructure and infrastructure to protect against changing weather.
Those investments in green infrastructure will represent almost $6 billion over the next four years and near $20 billion over 10 years.

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