Beautiful Down Syndrome

by RoxanneGaro on September 9, 2015 - 5:27pm

When we ear about Down syndrome we often think about retarded kid who can't do anything productive then sit in front of a tv all day and stare at it but in fact, most of kid who are touched by Down syndrome will be the kind of kid who have the most dreams and goals in life. If we take they example of Madeline Stuart who has with Down syndrome, this 18 years old native girl from Brisbane is now an inspirational models and will walk in the New York fashion week for American label FTL moda. She also lost 50 pounds by hitting the gym and the pool to reach her dream.I love story like that about person who are not "normal" for the society because it prove that we should not judge someone only by their physical or mental ability. When you dream it you can do it no matter what.

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