Are Pan Am Athletes taking the competition too far?

by kayLachapelle on September 10, 2015 - 9:06pm

Are athletes of a high level taking the competition too far? Have they lost and forgot the real purpose of good sports-man ship? It seems like some athletes are definitely going too far. Some are willing to risk all they’ve worked for all their lives for the use of drugs and steroids. In 2011, eighteen cases, including medalists were reported in failing the drug test at the Pan Am games in Mexico. This was a surprising increase of fourteen athletes more than the previous ones. This year, eight were tested positive.

Personally, I find this absolutely incredible that athletes would be willing to lose everything for the use of drugs. All the hard work and efforts invested in their training, all the tears, the extra hour of training, everything in the end, in my opinion is a waste of time.  These athletes are caught for the use of steroids, the human growth hormone and fortunately for Canada, none were caught, and the ones tested positively all reside in Peru, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and other near countries.

I don’t feel its fair for those who are being honest and work very hard to achieve their goals. To me, the people who use steroids and drugs to improve their performances are dishonest not only towards others but as well towards themselves and are not realizing that the use of drugs will not bring them anywhere.




I agree with you. The high level athletes have worked way too hard to ruin everything by taking steroids. I don't know how they do to feel good while knowing they are cheating. Winning when you know that you did it all by yourself, without any drugs, is so much more rewarding. All the athletes should respect themselves by not taking drugs to improve their capacities in competitions.

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