Another Deadly Pilgrimage

by harry98 on September 24, 2015 - 11:39pm

The Islamic pilgrimage of Hajj is the world’s largest gathering. In 1921, 57 000 people attended Hajj. In 2012, a new record was set as 3.2 million people made the pilgrimage, this number dropped to just over 2 million last year.   

When you have that many people gathering together in the same place, there is bound to be an accident. That is exactly what happened on Thursday, as 717 people were died as a result of a stampede. The incident also resulted in over 800 injured pilgrims near the Holy City of Mecca. Authorities say two different groups of pilgrims moved without the authorities’ okay and clashed. This is the second accident to happen in Mecca in the last two weeks, the last one being the crane that collapsed in the Grand Mosque.  


Due to this accident, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has created a commission to investigate the incident. This was the deadliest incident in the last 25 years.


This is sad as it caused the death of many innocent people; people who were just trying to fulfill their religious duty.  I believe the Saudi authorities can take steps in order to prevent this type of incident from happening ever again. For example, they can reduce the number of pilgrims who preform Hajj.  I hope this was the last time this type of accident happened.