Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton 1st Debate

by bndayishimiye on October 3, 2016 - 8:15pm

During today time for some people it is difficult to be a democrat or republican. From my experience I don’t think that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are qualified to be a president of United States of America. However, there are only two candidates that are running for our next President, so I think that people should be aware of who they vote for.

After the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, William Kristol from the weekly standard wrote the article about it and stated his side of view about the debate. In the beginning of the first segment of the debate, Hillary Clinton was the first one to speak, and she started out on huge topic which was defensing on trade. Donald Trump responded and made his case better than Hillary Clinton’s case, where he was not in favor of free trade deals.

William Kristol believes that in the second segment of the debate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump got into tough and challenging argument, and Hillary Clinton started throwing strong argument than Donald Trump, which I agree on. She started bringing Donald Trump’s tax returns. Which unfortunately “Donald Trump didn't do well in response” William Kristol stated.  ‘’Donald Trump kept bringing and defending aspects of his career and some of his statements instead of prosecuting the case for change” (The weekly Standard, by William Kristol)

“Donald Trump didn't take advantage of his ability to box Clinton in as a defender of the status quo” William Kristol said. Which I believe is true. Since Hillary Clinton is in office and there is a lot of problems she could have solved those issues. As Donald Trump claimed that Hillary has been in office for more than 30 years but never did anything, it was a good statement to bring down Hillary Clinton. In the article William Kristol stated that Donald Trump was not able to get back on the offensive all night, and couldn’t resist defending himself against every charge. And if you watched the debate you might agree on that as well. I think that Donald Trump did not fight so well on his charges. William Kristol believes that Donald Trump maybe did not lose the debate but was chocked after the debate which I think is true. The debate did not go so well for him.