Culture, Poverty, and debt

by bndayishimiye on December 10, 2016 - 5:38pm

This article is very interesting. Since I was born, I have never heard of force marriage but in this article. This article shows the beliefs and culture of people from Congo which it might be relevant to a lot of people especially people from Asia.

This article mentions how a lot of girls in Congo committees force marriage because they lost their verity. Parents and communities believes that a girl should stay virgin until they get married and when they have sex before then, they get kicked out of the house and in the community as well.  

Per the article ‘’the reasons for committing forced marriage range from preservation of girls’ virginities to honor their families and her future husband to the avoidance of immorality, which can happen through premarital sex if girls are not married off early enough”. (Annan-Yao 2002; Hampton 2010).

Also, the article shows some influences of parents to force their daughters to get married is ‘’poverty’’. As many people, may know, in Africa or other places when a girl is going to marry someone, that person must pay the bride price to the daughter parents. this becomes objects for parents to allow or force their daughter to get married at young age. Basically, girls are productive factor with which helps parents reduce or pay their debt.

There is so many interesting facts that I found in this article and believe that people would like to know. In Congo Abortion is a criminal defense just as few other countries or few states in USA. however, in Congo even if you get raped in a war or other places you are still responsible for the baby even though you live in poverty and these young women are recognized as rape victim and are unlikely to get married.

According to the article, Amnesty International (2005) argues that nearly one in two women in the DRC are married before reaching 18 and in 1 in 10 are married before they reach 15. MICS (2010) estimates 20.3 % of adolescent pregnancy in South Kivu province, and the World Bank (2015) estimates the adolescent fertility rate (births per 1000 women aged 15–19) at 6. However, the maternal mortality ratio per 100,000 live births is 730.

This article is very interesting because there are not enough articles that talks about how girls are being treaded around the world.  For me to be able to know the different cultures from mine and how other people from Congo treat girls, it made read the article and do some more research on this issue. In my opinion some cultures make one gender suffer and makes that become a part of culture even though it should be a criminal defense and brought to justice.

Per the article the research was collected with a qualitative methodology, the methodology ‘’was employed to investigate the attitudes and reported behavior of young Congolese men and women concerning sexual relationships, including forced marriage. Focus groups and individual interviews were conducted with boys and girls separately with matched gender facilitators’’. Also, thematic analysis analyzed interviews as well.

I believe that now you are going to read the article or do some research because this will be something that could help you in your everyday life or understanding other people from different backgrounds.

Mulumeoderhwa, M. (2016). ‘A Girl Who Gets Pregnant or Spends the Night with a Man is No Longer a Girl’: Forced Marriage in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo [Abstract]. Sexuality & Culture, 20(4), 1042-1062. doi:10.1007/s12119-016-9373-y


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