Study Ties Teen-Age Drug Use To Parents' Marijuana Smoking

by ellabella420 on December 15, 2016 - 10:50pm

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Study Ties Teen-Age Drug Use To Parents Marijuana Smoking

This article I chose was based on the most commonly recreational "drug" among adolsescents. The studies shown included parents who were frequent marijuana can expect their children to engage in this same activity. This approach caught my attention instead of the more hardcore drugs kids are experimenting with because its's considered the gateway drug. I believe marijuana is "relatively harmless" so the comparison to other drugs with much different affects are absurd. The increase in the amount of adolescents who has suffered from premature deaths due to overdose from drugs in general caught my attention as well. 

I agree with the phrase "it must run in the family" although we are all individuals that eventually grown into making our own decisions, it is a brief assumption to how this habit may be hereditary. It's shocking to me that "58% of parents" were so appalled and against this crisis when "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" either. I understand parents expect the best from their children which means they don't want think it's necessary for them to engage in activites which aren't beneficial in a positive manner. Lloyd Johston who's been researching this topic for over 30 years made a great point on "considering this a crisis vesus wanting the best from them are two different things." If more children understood that and took it as constructive criticism instead of being rebellious the increase in these gateway drugs wouldn't be so accessible.

School systems used to make it a priority to include the topic on drug awareness, I remember the D.A.R.E program being a mandatory part of class which is astonishing to why this program is now discontinued in my area. The outreach fo help is not always there without crucial judgement for most adolesents in school or somewhere they feel safe discussing these important issues. I agree with "Nancy Reagan's Just Say No Campaig" to a certain extent, because it is a positive message but people tend to do the opposite of what they are told. My main concern on this topic is the method behind their madness or stress reliever, from the outside looking in. Being able to acess marijuana instead of alcohol o nicotine to cope with reality has a lot to do with how its used as a recreational activity or in some cases peer pressure to participate.

I appreciated this article but would benefit from it if more insight on family stability and different impacts on what triggers the necessity to frequently use marijuana was apart of this research despite the many laws abolishing it. The "increase in drug use amonst adolescents since 1992" being based on T.V personalities may stem from the lack of family oriented activites at home due to the lack of participation from this generation. Parents play a big role in the use of marijuana especially when they don't pay it much attention by pushing it off as a normal phase in their childs life. I wouldn't put the blame solely on the parent(s) because it's all a learning process. Our judgemnts as individuals differ so I try not to come off biased when dealing with personal issues that I may never have gon through. The legalization of recreational use in certain states such as Massachusets, Califonia and Colorado should broaden this research including more on the drugs which are rapidly killing off the youth.


Perhaps we should work more on the ability of youth to develop coping skills rather than portraying alcohol and drug use as the way to alleviate or deal with stress or trauma. Prevention by education and teaching of coping skills might just help to lower the frighteningly rising rate of drug addiction.

Interesting topic Ella,
I agree with you that to an extent "it runs in the family" is an accurate statement. Chances are if you're brought up by drug users, at some point in time you will try some sort of drug. However yes, everyone is their own person and should be able to tell right from wrong. Coping skills are key. Just because you have been through hardships or have drug addicted parents doesn't men you should seek that for a way to "escape." You can't always blame the parents, but it is something to think about. Interesting read.

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